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Welcome to a website of an old man who never grew up and made the mistake of entering a life of racing which started at the age of 29 and continues today at over 70. I make things to improve the aesthetics of vintage motorcycles and snowmobiles because that’s what I like. If you are here, we share common interests. Read on, my friend.

I attempt to create products you can’t find anywhere else. I attempt to make higher quality parts than you can find elsewhere. And if I blow it and fail you in some way you’ll find me doing double backflips to make you whole.

In these pages I am presenting you with a ton of information. If any is confusing, needs correction or stimulates questions in your mind, contact me anytime. My e-address is litadv@aol.com and my mobile number is 952-607-6063.


  • I rarely respond to questions posted on my web page because I don’t visit my page often
  • I never respond to questions on Facebook because I hate the way it navigates
  • You can’t order any of my products on line. I have a rule: I must talk with each customer
  • The absolute best way to write me is by email at litadv@aol.com

Phil Little
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See my Toys page for more minibikes and other two-wheeled fun machines.