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phil sliding 1Recently a fellow flat tracker from Michigan said out of the blue, “You know what’s missing from YouTube?” Immediately I answered “sliding” and he said “yep!” Both he and I had been searching the same subject and YouTube has nothing on the subject.

I am planning a YouTube video presentation on this very subject and I’m going to break it all down into detail--things like the two most important parts of a race track and one ain’t the start! Little hint... see this apparently normal DT photo? After my video you’d be able to diagnose instantly what is going on. It is part of my 3% vs 97% observations.

  • In time, I suspect this video will be widely watched in the flat track community because there is nothing comparable on line. If you want to be alerted when the video is available, email me at (Do not leave a message for me on Facebook.)

  • This project is going to take months to complete at some cost. If your company wants to become a video sponsor on YouTube, email me at
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mauch street tracker 1
Ronnie Mauch’s Street Tracker turned Hooligan racer

Report from Ronnie Mauch, Freeport, TX. June 16, 2018

Last weekend we attended the Republic of Texas Biker Rally in Austin, TX. A flat track race was a side show to the Biker Rally. They had classes for Open Pro Flat Track, a SuperMoto AMA Sanctioned Class and a Hooligan class.

I entered the Hooligan class with my Phil Little Street Tracker along with two other Texans who had your rear wheel conversion kits. The track was a 3/8 mile. All three of we Hooligan Racers had your parts on our Harleys! A guy who raced in the Open Pro Class jumped down to enter the Hooligan Class on a Ducati and of course won the Hooligan Main Event. [Editor: this was a big time promoter error. It’s always a bad idea to mix pros with amateurs.]

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dan mischler 2018 x games winner 2The 2018 X Games/Harley-Davidson Hooligan Qualifier was held in Boise again this year. 98 Hooligan amateurs entered the qualifiers and only 48 made the cut for the invitation to race in the Minneapolis X Games Championship. 57 year old Brad Spencer earned first place over those 98 riders. Several of my customers made the cut and were invited to Minneapolis: Aaron Guardado from the west coast Suicide Machine CompanyBrad Spencer from Gilroy, CA rode a SXR Street Tracker built by Aaron Kaufman when he was with Gas Monkey GarageDan Mischler from Mischler Harley-Davidson in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and Terry Vestal from Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

The 48-rider field was divided into eight heats of six riders for the quarter finals in the Minneapolis championship. The top two in each heat (16 riders) transferred to the semi-finals. The top three in each semi yielded just six riders for the final.

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