Saturday, August 23, 2014

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The best XR750 flat track t-shirt ever

XR750-T-shirtEvery vintage flat tracker and AMA member has just gotta have a shirt like this for Grand Nationals and other events. It's all about the 1970 XR750 shown in the proper right side view with all the basic specs in text box.

xr750-shirt-photoThe design is orange and black on an Augusta 50% cotton/50% polyester shirt with orange raglan sleeves and orange collar. I'm stocking these in only Large and XLs because we're gettin' older aren't we. I'm making these in small batches.

Sizing chart

$25.95 S-XL, $27.95 XXL plus USPS

If you'd like one, call me at 952-607-6063 cell or write