Cinderella Lump

A New Chopper/Bobber Body Kit

Note: This product has been discontinued. This page is for ideas and posterity only.

I purchased two 1980s Yamaha 650 Specials about four years ago. One I turned into my Storm kit showcase bike. The other just sat waiting for me to turn it into a swoopy custom. That kit won’t happen--I’m too busy with other projects.

Phil Little Cinderella V1 WDP 8895 th Phil Little Cinderella profile V2 WDP 8872 th Phil Little Cinderella back V2 WDP 8910 th

Okay, what happens to the second bike which I call the Lump because it looks like a pile. I’m going to turn it into a Cinderella. It will have a modified Storm body and look like a café/bobber thing. I’m going to color it with a three-tone 1960s style paint job in pink/charcoal/pearl white.

When I’m done with it I’ll take studio photos to show you guys how to do weird things with my Storm kit, then I’m going to sell it-probably in the spring. It has only 5,500 miles on it. I probably put a price of $2950 on which is fair for a low mile, tricked out bike. Now with the pink color you’ll have to be a manly man or a pretty lady to buy it.


Cinderalla Lump 1 th Cinderalla Lump 2 th

The Lump - a crusty 650 was the start

Here are the parts I will have first-others will come later:

650 Cinderella kit parts------------------------------

  • Tank (coated) & tail in white $859.00
  • Frame cover plates $69.00
  • Side license holder w/ 4 signals $99.00
  • Brake/Taillight/mount under rear fender $49.00
  • Beach Storm Front fender with a rear flip $79.00

Here are the Cinderella Lump features thus far:

  • 19” front/16” rear wheels-white walls
  • Lowered front and rear suspension
  • Two-into-one Mac with a custom made blewy muffler with a gigantic slash cut
  • Exhaust-white high temp paint [customer did one in white and blew bike show people away]
  • Body (tank, tail and bobbed front fender with flip
  • Graphics to come
  • Signals-mini chrome
  • Taillight and mount plate under tail
  • License plate-side mount left side
  • Pink beauty plates to cover ugly part of frame
  • Engine, stock

Okay, there you have it. You can watch it develop below.

Phil Little

Your last 650 chopper/bobber progress report 11/4/15

Cinderella kissed the Frog

Phil Little Cinderella V1 WDP 8895 th Phil Little Cinderella profile V2 WDP 8872 th Phil Little Cinderella back V2 WDP 8910 th

The project is done and I shan’t bother ye again with Cinderella Lump stories. These classy photos were taken by Wayne Davis, the World’s best Motorsports photographer. Thanks folks for letting an old man drool on your screen.

~ Phil Little

Yamaha 650 chopper/bobber progress report 10/19/15

The Frog-kissed Cinderella

Oh so close to the end. Got a few niggly things to do but now you can see how it's gonna look. Yes, I’m going to sell this bike in the spring but the price will be more than $3000 because I’ve spent considerable time on it. Anyway, look it over.

yamaha beach storm 1 yamaha beach storm 3 yamaha beach storm 4

I'm having professional photos done because I think it's unusal enough to warrant magazines picking it up for stories. I'll show you the finished photos then I’ll stop bothering you.

P.S. Compare the shape of tank and tail to the Storm to see what I did to reshape the look. Parts came out of the Storm mold.

Yamaha 650 chopper/bobber body kit progress report 9/8/15

Building a product that I think motorcyclists might like involves making a bike and a kit at the same time. Naturally this grinds up time. Since my last report it’s been mostly the motorcycle. In these new photos you can see how the bike looks lowered and the new frame cover-up panels are done, painted and on the bike.

yamaha 650 beach storm frame 1 yamaha 650 beach storm frame 2

I know some of you might not like the pink color used this way but it is a way to make a common bike just a bit more outrageous. Next is body painting and the project is done.

pink license plate frameOh if any of you are into pink license plate frames, I have the market cornered on them and they’ll sell cheap because I got ‘em cheap.

Progress report 8/25/15

Here you see a reshaped Storm body and whacky bobber/chopper white wall wheels. Buy my Storm kit and shape the body however you’d like.

beach storm side beach storm left front
The bike in progress 8/25/15

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