Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27° Steering Kit

NEW! Hot news for Sportster Hooligan racers.

Pre-release. No pricing yet.

Simply put my steering head insert kit moves the front
wheel and fork rearward 3 degrees for faster, easier,
more controlled cornering

The Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27°© is a product for those who race Sportsters on dirt tracks. It does not benefit road riders other than aesthetics.

The current rage of Hooligan racing (big twins on short tracks) is the reason this product was undertaken at considerable cost. Sportsters are big heavy motorcycles with a long 30° fork angle designed for stable road riding. Any attempt to put a stock Sportster on a short track will yield slow, awkward and difficult handling (all wrapped in the word ‘slow’.)

27 deg steering kit 2Now let’s get into the nut. I will not bore you with minutia of rake, trail and offset geometry. A Sportster 30° fork angle stabilizes the front-end and keeps your motorcycle traveling the road in a straight line. Racing a stock Sportster exhibits heavy and sluggish handling because the weight of the chassis is attempting to self-straighten the fork in corners.

A steeper fork angle (27°) allows the motorcycle to "fall" into turns (race corners) for quick and easier turns. A bike with a steeper fork handles bumps and ruts well but forfeits some straight line stability but also produces a lighter handling feel when turning. This is good for racing. 27° is a happy medium between 30° road forks and serious dirt track forks with 25° and 26° fork angles.

Okay, your Sportster can be made to turn faster and easier with my steering kit without greatly effecting straight line stability. I would be cautious about extreme high speeds with an altered front end. I have had high speed wobbles with 25° fork angles but I’m guessing this won’t be a problem with my in-between kit angle. [Note my word “guessing.”]

Kit is made for sliding

27 deg steering kit artNow if you have prior dirt track experience and have mastered “sliding” into corners, my kit will be a happy addition to your ability to countersteer. This means steering to the right as you turn left. As you enter a corner by leaning the bike to the inside and by applying power, the backend moves out to the right as it loses traction because the rear tire patch is reduced and the front end is loaded. You steer right so the bike doesn’t spin around in a circle and pitch you into the ether.

This whole business of sliding into and part way through a corner allows you to redirect the bike’s direction faster than a competitor who has to drive around a corner with an unaltered frame. Your straight line drive and acceleration distance will be longer than his and you will beat him to the next corner, all other factors being equal. If you don’t know how to ‘slide’, you will be able to learn it with my kit and experimentation during pre-race practice. A little note here. If you are a “slider”, cut off a portion of your frame’s steering stop on the right side. Stop cutting when the trees are about to smash into your tank.

quickturn steering kit 20Here’s a photo of the prototype kit installed on my Hooligan. The only way to tell something is going on is by comparing the head and fork angles.

quickturn steering kit 21Here’s a closeup. Notice how the steering column is kicked forward on the steering head.

Currently a production order has been given to my very busy machinist, and the installation guide is out for production too. I have a strong feeling that the price will be over $300 but reasonably sure under $400.

Other steering options

There are vendors out the offering insanely priced “trick” triple trees. More often than not these products only move the fork out or in from the steering head, but maintain the stock fork angle. Ain’t gonna work too slick. This can help in some track conditions but does not make steering easier or faster. The only way quicker steering can be achieved is to alter the fork angle.

We are the only company to develop a simple and economical product for better dirt track cornering. Few have done it inside the steering head. And nobody has done this for a Sportster.

Buy my kit. It will help you win, especially against stock Sportsters and maybe those pesky Indians. 

If you want future updates and pricing on this product, write me and I’ll put you on the steering kit list.

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