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This new SXR Street Tracker™ conversion kit was conceived to give Sportsters a dirt track make-over with superb styling at the least possible cost. I stayed away from exotic features like alloy tanks and upside down forks-I want you to have a radical bike on the cheap. This kit (or just parts) will fit Sportsters from 1986-on. The tank and tail fender should fit Sportsters back to 1980. Side covers will fit from 1982-on.

Alert: Buy my kit for Evos from 1986 to 2002. Fitting early Iron heads and some 2003s can be a huge pain.

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Dirt Track Conversion Kit for Sportsters


This new SXR Street Tracker™ conversion kit was conceived to give Sportsters a dirt track make-over with superb styling at the least possible cost. I stayed away from exotic features like alloy tanks and upside down forks-I want you to have a radical bike on the cheap. This kit (or just parts) will fit Sportsters from 1986-on. The tank and tail fender should fit Sportsters back to 1980. Side covers will fit from 1982-on.

The primary features of this kit are:

  • Bolt-on parts, quicker build time
  • Excellent quality parts
  • Most complete Sportster conversion kit
  • Least expensive Sportster kit Phil Little

I want you to look at the new SXR brochure, it will describe all the parts. I have also included a price sheet which I attempt to keep current.

I will happily answer all your questions. I would prefer that you call me because a conversation is so much more informative than slow emails. The day number is 952-935-8833. My cell is 952-607-6063.

Sweet Tracker built in UK

SweetTracker2Alistair Renvoize from Penrith, England unlike many riders in the UK when they get to their mid forties to fifties want to build a Triton, (Triumph engine in a Norton frame) with alloy tank, clip-ons and the works. They do look good.

SweetTracker19"Ever since my youth I had dreamt of one day buying an XR750. They are too expensive so I started exploring the possibly of converting a Sportster into a replica. That is when I stumbled across Phil's site on the internet. The products and ethos felt right. I ordered the tank, seat unit, 19" front to rear wheel conversion kit etc."

Read more: Sweet Tracker built in UK

Orange returns

Orange gelcoat is again offered for SXR and Storm.

Add $125

SXR Downloads

SXR_brochure_thumb 4-page Brochure
Free download, $5 by mail

SXR_manual_thumb SXR Assembly Manual
Updated 6/13/2010
Free download - This is a 14-page how-to-build-it guide.
$20 by mail

SXR prices thumb SXR Pricelist
Updated February 2014

Custom SXR Graphics

For some time now I have offered custom graphics but have done a poor job of promoting them. That changes now. The two most often asked for special graphics are these--the XR750 and XR1000.

Custom SXR graphics

Each comes with similar graphics for the tail. Yes these graphics are offered by others, but no one has the shape to perfectly fit my tank. Usually they were made for the short XR750 tank.

If you want something else design-wise I'm pretty open to helping in any way. If you are building a white bike I have something spectacular for you. Normal up charge for custom graphics is $50. Really complex stuff could be as much as $150 more

SXR Features

  • Front number plate

    This number plate fits around the stock headlight on Sportsters with 39mm forks. It bolts on easily. Bonded two piece unit has a white front and a black rear panel which mounts to fork tubes. It secures with hose clamps-hardware supplied. 


  • Fork brace

    CNC machined in a skeletal style. It strengthens the front end and acts as a mount for front fender and fork guards. It’s aircraft alloy aluminum. Mounts without removing the wheel. 


  • Side number plate

    Fiberglass panel covers electrics and battery. It comes in white or black. This will be replaced in December 2014 with a more rounded style to match the oil tank on the other side. 

    $55 white / $60 black

  • 19" rear wheel kit

    This conversion kit allows you to mount a front 19” wheel on the rear to deep six the 16” stock wheel. It fits both models of 9 spoke cast wheels with ¾” axle. Kit contains 2 big spacers, 2 little spacers, 10 cap screws, 3 sealed bearings and 1 long bearing spacer. It’s a complete bolt-on kit. 


  • 1" super dirt track bars

    Best 1” dirt track bend bars made for Sportster in America. Superb ergos- rise 3.5”-that’s comfort! Pull back is 10.25”. Width is 32.5”. If memory serves, these are similar to the number #24 K&N bars. They are dimpled to allow cables to pass under switch components. 


  • Stainless 2:2 Exhaust

    Stainless steel exhausts look right on a street tracker. Performance gains and weight saving.

    1986-2003 Sportsters $812
    2004-2010 Sportsters $912

SXR Pricelist

Phil Little - 2014 SXR prices
Effective 11/7/14
Tank in white, anti-ethanol coating, cap & mounting hardware $495.00
Tail in white, seat, taillight & license plate $495.00
All body parts in orange gelcoat Add $125.00
Left side battery cover number plate, in white $55.00
Mud Guard $39.00
Chrome license plate frame $15.00
USA seat, red/white/blue $ to come
Fork brace $255.00
Fork guards in white $79.00
Front fender in white $65.00
Front number plate in white $139.00
GRAPHICS - I can make custom graphics for you
SXR 883 or SXR 1200 2 tank, 2 fender $155.00
XR 750 or XR1000 2 tank, 2 fender $155.00
SXR 1200 or SXR 883 2 fork guard $39.00
Custom graphics, color or design Add $70
USA graphics kit, red/white/blue $255.00
Signal kit (4)-easy mounting $45.00
19" rear wheel kit for 9 spoke wheel only $299.00
Chris Carr:, 610-888-3518  
GoldenTyre front 27" x 7" x 19" medium (CC5)  $310.00/set
GoldenTyre rear 27.5" x 7.5" x 19" hard (CC6)
1986-2003 Sportsters - Retail $999 $812.00 (increased fall 2014)
2004-2010 Sportsters w/ O2 sensors $912.00 (increased fall 2014)
15" race style shocks $285.00
15" race style shocks XR orange or white springs $355.00
1" Super DT bars - rise 3.5", pullback 10.25", width 32.5" $149.00
Napoleon bar end mirror $49.00
Rubber dirt track grips, pr $15.00
11 oz. XR orange aerosol paint $25.00




Visa. Master, DiscoverCard. Minnesotans add 7.5.% tax. Cards charged only on day of shipment.


15% restocking charge, subject to condition. Shipping charges not compensated.


Specs and prices may change without prior notification.

Products sold by PLR are copyrighted. Some parts are not DOT approved for street use and are for racing only.

USA Graphics Package

harley-sxr-usa-graphics-tank harley-sxr-usa-graphics-one In order to speed production I have had to make body parts in white. The wonderful benefit of orange parts was that you could avoid the expense of painting. Well now that may be an option again even with white parts. My new USA Graphics Package uses the white background to make your SXR Sportster a complete stand out. When you pull into the drive-in or the monthly bike meet, I flat guarantee a bike with these graphics will command eye ball direction.

harley-sxr-usa-graphics-tailThis is a complex graphic presentation with tones, fading, shading and multi colors-it really is quite awesome. Best of all it's printed not layered. Graphics have a clear overcoat as protection from fuel. The kit is 6 parts: 2 tank sides, 1 tank top number "1", and 3 pieces custom-fitted to my tail. This is so interesting that I'm going to switch my showcase SXR over to this theme. The cost? Reasonable at $175.00. And no painting. Are you on?

Evel Knievel styled seat

If you are going to build my USA white bike or an Evel replica this seat is a must in red, white and blue. This was an early prototype seat with sewn strips. We now roll the color panel edges so it looks better and the seams are under the sitting level. I sell it for $95 extra when you buy my body kit.

SXR-evel-seat-001 SXR-evel-seat-002

Generation II tank and tail for SXR

The new Gen II SXR tank

SXRTankNew-002SXRTankNew-001About a year ago I made a new Gen II tank and tail and have been selling them ever since but have failed to show you the difference. My bad.

Okay the first photo shows you the old and new tanks. The new tank is about 2" wider and just 1/4" taller than the old tank. I think the new one looks better than the old one--it's just proportioned length/width-wise better than the narrow original.

The side view is very close to the old tank. The only difference is the graphic panel is slightly reduced.

The new Gen II SXR tail

ExhaustShield2 thYou can contrast the new Gen II tail in this photo with the old molded in taillight in Gen I tail. The new Gen II tail has a larger taillight which is safer. The overall design of the tail is unchanged.