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Dirt Track Conversion Kit for Sportsters

SXR Street Tracker left sideSXR Street Tracker right side

This SXR Street Tracker™ conversion kit was conceived to give Sportsters a dirt track make-over with superb styling at the least possible cost. I stayed away from exotic features like alloy tanks and upside down forks--I want you to have a radical bike on the cheap. This kit (or just parts) will fit Sportsters from 1986 to 2003. Side covers will fit from 1982-on. 

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sxr street tracker right side th

The primary features of this kit are:

  • Bolt-on parts, quicker build time
  • Excellent quality parts
  • Most complete Sportster conversion kit
  • Least expensive Sportster kit Phil Little

I want you to look at my downloadable SXR brochure and assembly manual. They will get you into the detail weeds. I include a price sheet which I attempt to keep current.

I will happily answer all your questions. I would prefer that you call me because a conversation is so much more informative than slow emails. The day number is 952-935-8833. My cell is 952-607-6063.

Sweet UK Tracker

SweetTracker2Alistair Renvoize from Penrith, England built the Sportster street tracker I should have built but I did mine on the cheap. Al said...

SweetTracker19"Ever since my youth I had dreamt of one day buying an XR750. They are too expensive so I started exploring the possibility of converting a Sportster into a replica. That is when I stumbled across Phil's site on the internet. The products and ethos felt right. I ordered the tank, seat unit, 19" front to rear wheel conversion kit, etc."

Custom SXR Graphics

I offer you a bunch of graphic options for the SXR. They are all based on the 'XR' style. The pink (fuchsia) color around the tank stickers represents a white border outside of the orange outline. We did this so the orange outline does not blend with and orange tank. The colors on all my tank graphics are white, black, light gray and XR orange. If you order colors other than what I have here on the site it will be modestly higher in cost. Don't order my graphics for any other tanks--they will only fit my tanks.

SXR Standard Graphics

My standard SXR graphics can be seen on many customer bikes in the gallery.

  • Tank stickers (5 colors)
  • Tail stickers (white with black border)
  • Fork guard stickers (white with black border)
Tank and tail $155
Tank only $120
Fork guards only $39

XR 750 Graphics

XR750 custom tank graphics

  • Tank stickers (5 colors)
  • Tail stickers (all white, 2.3" tall)
  • Fork guard stickers (all white, 1.5" tall)
Tank and tail $175
Tank only $125
Fork guards only $49

XR 883 Graphics

XR883 custom tank graphics

Same specs and prices as 750 graphics.

XR 1000 Graphics

XR1000 custom tank graphics

Same specs and prices as 750 graphics.

XR 1200 Graphics

XR1200 custom tank graphics

Same specs and prices as 750 graphics.

Some SXR Products

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  • Front number plate

    This number plate fits around the stock headlight on Sportsters with 39mm forks. It bolts on easily. Bonded two piece unit has a white front and a black rear panel which mounts to fork tubes. It secures with hose clamps-hardware supplied. 


  • Fork brace

    CNC machined in a skeletal style. It strengthens the front end and acts as a mount for front fender and fork guards. It’s aircraft alloy aluminum. Mounts without removing the wheel. 


  • Sportster Side Battery Cover

    This is my Gen II battery side cover with rounded contours to compliment the shape of the oil tank on the right side. This is a fiberglass piece made in black gelcoat. The surface from the mold is microscopically rough so I sand it with 2000 wet/dry and polish with 3M’s Finessette II so it looks like a factory part.

    xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 1 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 2 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 3

    To install it remove the old battery cover (with skulls maybe) and the little triangular plate that hides electrics. Install my cover to the three mounts for the triangle cover. I provide three black flat head Allen screws that screw into that factory mounts. Over time these rubber mounts degrade. Hardware store and Harley rubber/metal mounts are too under sized to fit the frame holes snugly. Often I wrap the mounts with plastic electrical tape before I first install them-this helps a bit.


  • 19" rear wheel conversion kits

    Kit for 9-spoke wheel

    Bolt-on conversion kit allows you to mount a 9-spoke front 19” Sportster wheel on the rear. It will fit cast and spoked wheels designed for ¾” axle from 1986 to 1995. Kit contains 2 big spacers, 2 little spacers, 10 cap screws, 3 sealed bearings and 1 long bearing inner spacer. Big power engines require larger 7/16" cap screws--I will drill and tap your cast wheel for $60 and spoked wheel for $85.

    $299 per kit

    Kit for 13-spoke wheel

    Bolt-on conversion kit allows you to mount a front 19” 13-spoke Sportster wheel on the rear. It will fit cast wheels with ¾” or 1”axles from 1996 on. Your 5/16” wheel holes will have to drilled and tapped for larger 7/16 cap screws. If you have a 1” rear axle, the center of your front wheel will have to be drilled out to 1-5/16” for a large center crush spacer. Have it done locally or we will drill, tap and bore your cast wheel for $125.

    $325 per kit

    Conversion kit ordering

    I need the following information to give you the right kit:

    Number of wheel spokes (9 or 13--I don’t do 5 spoke AU wheels)
    • Rear axle diameter
    • The approximate hub width where rotor and sprocket sit (the space should be close to 4-1/16”, 4-1/8”, or 4-3/8”)

  • 1" super dirt track bars

    I now offer a great bar with a 4" rise, a 10" pullback and a better 34" width. They are dimpled to allow cables to pass under switch components. You will find these most comfortable riding and on your pocket book at...


  • Stainless 2:2 Exhaust

    Stainless steel exhausts look right on a street tracker. Performance gains and weight saving.

    1986-2003 Sportsters $812
    2004-2010 Sportsters $912

SXR Pricelist

Phil Little Racing.com - 2016 SXR prices(scroll down)
Effective 3/29/16  
Tank in white, anti-ethanol coating, cap & mounting hardware $495.00
Tail in white, seat, taillight & license plate $495.00
Body parts in orange or black gelcoat. Includes sanding (2000 w/d) and polishing out all imperfections to a high gloss. Much cheaper than a paint job. Add $249.00
New XRX rounded style battery cover $75.00
Mud Guard $39.00
Chrome license plate frame $15.00
USA seat, red/white/blue Add $75.00
Fork brace $255.00
Fork guards $79.00
Front fender in white $79.00
Front number plate in white $139.00
GRAPHICS - I can make custom graphics for you
SXR 883 or SXR 1200 2 tank, 2 fender $155.00
SXR tank only $120.00
SXR 1200 or SXR 883 2 fork guard $39.00
XR750, XR883, XR1000 or XR1200 2 tank, 2 fender $175.00
XR750, XR883, XR1000 or XR1200 2 fork guard $49.00
XR750, XR883, XR1000 or XR1200 tank only $125.00
USA Package
USA graphics kit, red/white/blue $255.00
USA seat cover $149.00 added to SXR tail price
Signal kit (4)-easy mounting $45.00
19" rear wheel kitwheel with ¾” axle $299.00
Drill and tap your cast wheel for 7/16 cap screws $65.00
NEW 19" 13 spoke rear wheel kit with ¾” or 1” axle $325.00
Drill and tap your 13 spoke wheel for 7/16" cap screws and bore wheel center to 1-5/16" for room for 1” axle crush spacer $125.00
Chris Carr: ccarr41197@aol.com, 610-888-3518  
GoldenTyre front 27" x 7" x 19" medium (CC5)  Call Chris
GoldenTyre rear 27.5" x 7.5" x 19" hard (CC6)
1986-2003 Sportsters - Retail $999 $829.00 (increased fall 2015)
2004-2010 Sportsters w/ O2 sensors $912.00 (increased fall 2014)
15" race style shocks $285.00
15" race style shocks XR orange or white springs $355.00
1" Super DT bars - rise 4", pullback 10", width 34", with wiring dimples $59.00
Napoleon bar end mirror $61.00
Rubber dirt track grips, pr $15.00


FedEx and USPS


Visa. Master, DiscoverCard. Minnesotans add 7.5.% tax. Cards charged only on day of shipment.


15% restocking charge, subject to condition. Shipping charges not compensated.


Specs and prices may change without prior notification.

Products sold by PLR are copyrighted. Some parts are not DOT approved for street use and are for racing only.

Generation II tank and tail for SXR

The new Gen II SXR tank

I made the Gen II tank because the gen I had a limited range. Here is a comparison of the two side by side. The new tank is about 2" wider and just 1/4" taller than the old tank. I think the new one looks better than the old one--it's just proportioned length/width-wise better than the narrow original. The side view is very close to the old tank as you can see it on the black one. The only difference is the graphic panel is slightly reduced.

SXRTankNew-001 sxr tank xr graphics 1 th

The new Gen II SXR tail

ExhaustShield2 thYou can contrast the new Gen II tail in this photo with the old molded in taillight in Gen I tail. The new Gen II tail has a larger taillight which is safer. The overall design of the tail is unchanged.

About my fiberglass tanks

Petcocks are threaded right into the fiberglass and sealed with 5 minute epoxy. This sealing works well. To remove, simply put a big crescent wrench to them and loosen. It may sound like you are tearing the tank apart but you are not. To re-install, reapply 5 minute epoxy all around the petcock threads and tighten. (Don't get any in the fuel passage hole.) Do not wipe away the little bead of epoxy that appears. Give it a couple of hours to cure even though it says 5 minutes. (KR tank has ¾" petcock female threads permanently glassed into body for Harley/Pingle type petcocks.)

Anti-ethanol. We have now gone back to the "Blue" tank coating because it works better than other approaches. Since going back to blue we've had zero problems. We call the coating anti-ethanol but I’m tellin’ ya right now don’t ever put ethanol in my tanks. I have learned the ratio of alcohol in basic 10% pump gas can vary between 4% and 12%. That high end percent can attack glass tanks-it’s really bad. Every state has gas stations who sell premium non-ethanol just use that and you’ll have zero problems.

Ethanol is junk gas. If you let your bike sit unused for a month or more chances are your carbs will be full of green slime. A total carb cleaning is the only cure. To avoid this 1) drain your float bowls prior to a period of non-use. Option 2) while bike is running at idle, turn the petcock(s) off and let the bike drink up all the gas in the carbs. Either of these two options will be the cost-avoidance solution for using junk fuel.

Don’t use E10 fuel. Never ever use E85.
If you call to complain about tank problems I’ll know right away you slipped into using junk gas on a regular basis. If you run out some where you can get home with E10 but you gotta drain and dry your tanks right away.