Hooligan XRX Tracker Tail for up to 2003 Sportsters

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Morris hooligan 1

Hooligan bikes are hot.

Hooligans are the hot new thing for street and track. The same bike can be used both places without changes. (I love the idea of a brake light spooking the racers behind you.) I am going to make a bike for me which will show you how the kit parts work. Of course my customer bikes like the one above
show it well.

I now have XR graphics (see below) in XR750, XR1000, XR883 and XR1200 for the XRX stock tank and my tail. Before I get into the parts let me point out the unique feature of my tail--it blends into the 3.3 gallon stock peanut tanks and hugs the oil tank and my side cover on the other side. Nobody else has done this on a production basis. Read my installation instruction download--much is learned from it. Many of the parts are stolen from my SXR kit so there's more info there.

A note to Hooligan racers

If you are building a Sportster for short track racing on less than a third mile tracks I wish make some suggestions.

  1. Do not modify your engine.
    Sportsters are a handful on short tracks. You want controllable, tractable power to negotiate short tracks with short corners not some berserko rocketship that can get you in all sorts of trouble. S&S will not be happy I’m telling you this.

  2. Don’t buy a SuperTrapp 2-into-2 system.
    They much too expensive to trash in racing. (And I sell ‘em.) Try my less expensive 2-into-1 system for power/torque gain at under 600 bucks.

  3. Spend your money on things to help handling like my 27° steering kit if it ever comes to life. Get taller shocks too. They deal with corner compression and steepen the front end.

  4. If you know how to slide (a huge advantage against most Hooligan racers) cut the steering stop so you can turn harder to the right. You could find yourself doing a ‘high side’ if you can no longer steer into the slide.

Gen I XRX kit

xrx fiberglass 2My original kit fits square back 3.3 gallon tanks with flat backs as this photo shows.

Also this tank needs to have front mount tabs that are about 2” long with a bend. I can’t tell you what years this thank came from. There is another square back tank with shorter tabs-the XRX won’t fit behind this tanks at this time.

Here’s the right front tab.

xrx fitment 5

Gen II XRX kit for 1991-03 883s and 1999-03 1200s

XRX tank 1I am currently working on a XRX tail that will fit behind Sportsters up to 2003 with round back tanks. If you have a round back tail and want to be informed as it develops just email me and say I wanna be on the Gen II list. Write to litadv@aol.com.

Here’s a photo of work in progress.

xrx hooligan tank 1

Potential kit parts

  1. xrx art diagram1” dirt track bars with dimples
  2. 27° steering kit, moves fork angle back for racers
  3. Fold down number plate for electrical access
  4. Fork brace for stiffer front end
  5. Fork guards
  6. Cone 2-into-1 pipes with megaphone, stainless ($599)
  7. Hidden Halogen headlight, attaches under lower tree
  8. 19” front wheel to rear conversion kit
  9. 15” shocks, levels bike. Better ride
  10. Side plate that covers battery
  11. XRX Hooligan tail with taillight
  12. Graphics kit for peanut tank and tail
  13. Hammer head grips

XRX Hooligan prices - 11/21/17

XRX Tail in white; seat, taillight & license plate $495.00
Left side cover, rounded style, black $89.00
Mud guard, replaces stock fender dirt deflector $39.00
Front number plate - folds down for headlight electrics To come
Side number panels To come
Chrome license frame $15.00
Hidden Halogen headlight, under lower tree To come
LED turn signals 4, not street legal $45.00
LED turn signals 2, not street legal $29.00
Order individually or as a kit  
XRX tank sides (2) $89.00
XRX tank top $39.00
XRX tail deck $29.00
XRX tail sides (2) $29.00
XRX fork guards (2) $29.00
Entire XRX graphics kit $212.00
Steering, Control & Suspension
Fork brace to kill flexi-flex $255.00
XRX QuikTurn 27°© - steeper forks for racing To come
1" Dirt track bars w/ dimples, R-4", PB-10" W 34" $79.00
Hammer head grips, old style, huge hit $15.00
Napoleon bar end mirrors, black $61.00
15" Progressive shocks with 60/130 springs $285.00
Cone Exhaust
2-into-1 for 1985-2003 Sportsters $624.00 ($599 + $25 freight to me. Freight to you should about $25, too.)
Rear Wheel Conversion Kits - Fit a front cast wheel on the rear for DT tires
Kit A: 9 spoke cast wheel ¾" axle, 1.980 OD pilot $325.00
Kit B: 13 spoke 1" axle, 2.208 OD pilot $345.00
Kit C: 13 spoke ¾" axle, 1.980 OD pilot $345.00
Kit D: 13 spoke ¾" axle, 2.208 OD pilot $345.00
Machine 13-spoke wheels for 7/16” screws $69.00

New XRX graphics

These stickers were designed to fit Harley’s three gallon stock tanks and my XRX tail fender. They are high quality and computer printed plus have a clear anti-fuel protective layer.

You do not have to buy my XRX tail to buy these stickers. You do not have to buy the whole set--you can cherry pick single items. Tank and tail side stickers are in pairs. Tank and tail tops are singles—these I stole from the 1971 AMF Sportys because they add drama to an otherwise monotone paint job.

xrx 750 graphics xrx 883 graphics xrx 1000 graphics xr1200 graphics xrx usa graphics


How the XRX graphics will look on your bike

I just built a little XR mini. I used the XRX tank top and tail top graphics on it. I really think this can add a lot to your XRX project. Compare these new graphics to the Dirt Track mini in “Toys". The old tank and tail look plain. With the addition of XRX graphics the bike looks more dramatic.

XRX graphics mini 1 XRX graphics mini 2

Tank sides $89
Tank top $39
Tail deck $29
Tail graphics $29
Fork guard $29
XRX kit $215
XRX Flag
Tank sides $89
Tank top $29
Tail deck  $29
XRX USA  $147

19" rear wheel replacement kits

sxr 19 inch wheel kit

Street trackers and for sure Hooligan racers need a 19" rear wheel so dirt track tires can be used. The cheapest source of a 19" wheel is buying another front. Yes, gigantic tires can be mounted on narrow 2.15 wheels. I now have four different conversion kits for all the H-D front wheels from 1986 to 2005 and maybe beyond. Make absolutely sure your 13-spoke wheel specs fall into category B, C or D.

Kit A for 9-spoke wheel

Bolt-on conversion kit allows you to mount a 9-spoke front 19” Sportster wheel on the rear. It will fit cast and spoked wheels designed for ¾” axle from 1986 to 1995. Kit contains 2 big spacers, 2 little spacers, ten 7/16” cap screws, 3 sealed bearings and a long bearing inner crush spacer. The 5/16 holes in your wheel have to be drilled and tapped for 7/16" cap screws. Have a local machinist do this, or I will drill and tap your cast wheel for $60 and spoked wheel for $85.

Kit B for 13-spoke 19” wheel w/ 1” axle and 2 3/8” pilot

  • Hub width (length) between mount faces 4.391”
  • Sleeve (pilot) around bearings 2.208”
  • Axle 1”

Your 5/16” wheel holes will have to drilled and tapped for larger 7/16 cap screws. If you have a 1” rear axle, the center of your front wheel will have to be drilled out to 1-5/16” for a large center crush spacer. Have it done locally or we will drill, tap and bore your cast wheel for $125.

Kit C for 13-spoke 19” wheel

  • Hub width (length) between mount faces 4.055”
  • Sleeve (pilot) around bearings 1.975”
  • Axle 3/4”

Determine if your rear axle diameter is ¾”. Measure the collar (pilot sleeve) around your front wheel bearings. If its 2” you want this C kit. Near as I can figger the years for this wheel is 1996 to 1999. Kit contains 2 big spacers, ten 7/16” cap screws, 2 sealed bearings and a long bearing inner crush spacer. You use your stock outside small spacers. The 5/16 holes in your wheel have to be drilled and taped for 7/16" cap screws. Have a local machinist do this or--I will drill and tap your cast wheel for $125.

Kit D for 13-spoke 19” wheel w/ ¾” axle and 2 3/8” pilot

  • Hub width (length) between mount faces 4.391”
  • Sleeve (pilot) around bearings 2.208”
  • Axle 3/4”

Determine your rear axle diameter, the collar (pilot sleeve) around your front wheel bearings and hub length. I’m guessing this wheel is off a 2000 to 2003 Sporty. Kit contains 2 big spacers, ten 7/16” cap screws, 2 sealed bearings and a long bearing inner crush spacer. You use your stock outside small spacers. The 5/16 holes in your wheel have to be drilled and taped for 7/16" cap screws. Have a local machinist do this or--I will drill and tap your cast wheel for $125.

Conversion kit ordering

I need the following information to give you the right kit:

  • Number of wheel spokes: 9 or 13 (I don’t do 5 spoke AU wheels)
  • Rear axle diameter: ¾” or 1”
  • The approximate hub width where rotor and sprocket mount: 4.055” or 4.391”
  • The sleeve (pilot) around bearing: 1.975 or 2.208


KitHub lengthPilot ODAxle
A kit 4.060" 1.980 or 2.333" 3/4"
B kit 4.391" 2.208" 1"
C kit 4.055" 1.975" 3/4"
D kit 4.391" 2.208" 3/4"


Sportster Side Battery Cover

This is my Gen II battery side cover with rounded contours to compliment the shape of the oil tank on the right side. This is a fiberglass piece made in black gelcoat. The surface from the mold is microscopically rough so I sand it with 2000 wet/dry and polish with 3M’s Finessette II so it looks like a factory part.

xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 1 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 2 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 3

To install it remove the old battery cover (with skulls maybe) and the little triangular plate that hides electrics. Install my cover to the three mounts for the triangle cover. I provide three black flat head Allen screws that screw into that factory mounts. Over time these rubber mounts degrade. Hardware store and Harley rubber/metal mounts are too under sized to fit the frame holes snugly. Often I wrap the mounts with plastic electrical tape before I first install them-this helps a bit.

XRX Hooligan Kit Progress report 12/27/17

xrx hooligan 27dec2017 1Work on my prototype bike is going very slowly. The bike, for months, has been a mule for the development of my 27° steering kit for dirt track racing. I was able to get the painted wheels on, coated the case covers with float-on carbon fiber and I got white rubber foot pegs. Yes, white because I’m going with an Evel Knevel-like graphics similar to this:

xr usa tank 1 th

More when I can show progress.

XRX Hooligan Kit Progress report 12/19/17

Sportster QuikTurn 27° Steering Kit ©

xrx steering kit 20 xrx steering kit 21

Because the bearing pockets of the QuickTurn 27° kit sit above and below the steering head (above photos) we had issues with the steering stop. We’ve developed a small weld-on piece that does the job. We tried but couldn’t make a bolt-on piece to do the job with sufficient strength. My goal has always been ‘simple’ but not in this case. Flat trackers are used to this kind of fabrication so I’m not introducing the unobtainable.

xrx steering kit 22 xrx steering kit 23 xrx steering kit 24

You start by positioning the piece below the frame steering stop. Clamp it in position when you’ve established equal clearance on both sides of the tank. Then tack weld. Before you finish welding you may want to grind a little more off the right side if you are a slider and need more counter steering space. Remember in a crash that impacts the front end, the forks flex and smash into your tank so don’t make the space too narrow.

xrx steering kit 25Where are we now timing wise? I’ve just received my first batch of installation guides. These are vital to align the kit in the steering head. Improper alignment could cause horrible things to happen to your body and head at speed. I don’t know when kit will be ready to sell but we’re getting’ close.

XRX Hooligan Kit Progress Report 12/12/17

Sportster 27° steering kit

This is a dated drawing. I will be revising it soon.

It’s time I told you what I don’t know about this steering kit.

The developing engineer has passed his drawings on to my machining company. That company will be slow in manufacturing the parts because they’ve been blasted by the military to make bomb parts (not bad thing). The last two parts are just being finalized. They are 1) an installation guide and 2) a steering stop add-on piece.

John Metz, a dirt track friend and expert, has watched stock Sportsters race and reports the front end shows a wallowing handling characteristic. Vance Deemer (Gilroy CA) says stock forks handle in a very uncertain and untrustworthy way. Comments like these tell me my kit will work wonders but the stock 

xrx steering kit 10

forks are an addition problem area. In short-stock Sportster forks internals are poor for racing. I have contacted Davey Durelle (AMA Grand National number) who is a dirt track suspension specialist. I’m sending him my forks so he can revise the valving for racing and lengthening the travel because my kit (by the way it’s made) has reduced the travel somewhat.

My goal is to include fork improvements along with my steering kit. For these reasons I can’t give you a price at this point. My goal is to supply you with a front end that works. I believe this kit will be the most important thing you can do to your racing Sportster other than equipping your bike with 19” racing tires.

I hope to be sending you updates very soon because I will be more able to do this and several of you want this kit for upcoming races.

XRX Hooligan Kit Progress report 9/6/17

xrx hooligan tank 1Introducing the Gen II XRX tail for round back Sportster tanks

I have started reconfiguring the front of the XRX tail to kiss the back of big round tanks-tanks made for 883s from 1991 to 2003 and 1200s from 1999 to 2003. I also have to redesign the seat bases for the foam. Most of the pattern work will be completed the week of 9/8/17.

Phil Little’s XRX Hooligan Kit Progress report 3/27/17

xrx tail mounted 1Phil Little’s own Hooligan build

Here’s the start. An 1988 with a claimed 26,xxx miles but the title said “Odometer Status Exempt.” I don’t know what that means but it’s probably not good. Rear tires were showing cords so it’s done its share of burn outs. Hope the rings aren’t toast. Notice the skeleton bar pegs-is that cool or NOT! I’m building it as a short track racer that I’ll use on the street too. I’ll just pull the plate and unhook the front brake lever. It will never see a Hooligan track because I think a 1/8 mile track is for mad men. I’m an old slider and you can’t use that advantage on an 1/8mile. As this thing comes together I’ll shoot out reports.

Phil Little’s XRX Hooligan Kit Progress Report 3/20/17

XRX Hooligan Race kits finally shipping

xrx fiberglass 1

xrx fiberglass 2I am now getting parts from my supplier. I took the first tail (Pete Morris’s) and plopped it on my frame. Everything fits perfectly. This is the big tank.

xrx fiberglass 3See how slick the fit is. I just bought a 1988 Sportster with a small tank. I am keen to see if the tail fits the small tank too. I’ll let you know how that goes.

xrx fiberglass 4Here are the first three tails getting the support plates installed. 

xrx fiberglass 2This is a support plate in the tail. It is the mount for taillight and license plate. This part was the biggest hang up. My glass guy was afraid to make and install them. I told him to let me do that part to speed the process. Now things are moving along Here are the taillight assemblies that mount to the support plate.

Phil Little’s XRX Hooligan Kit Progress Report 12/12/16

XRX Hooligan Race kit

The XRX Hooligan kit is finally done after two years. I can’t show you a final kit at this time. My plan is to get a complete tail assembly and a 3.3 peanut tank painted in XR orange. Apply my new tank and tail graphics and a side cover on a frame and take a studio shot so we can all drool.

Guys have been waiting for the XRX kit for flat track racing. The tail is a cheap way to get the race look and keep the cost down by not having to buy a race tank. Same economy applies to street trackers too.

amf sportster tankThe graphics kit comes from two sources; 1) the original XR750 tank sides as I have used my SXR kit and 2) the tank top and tail top graphics stolen from the 1971 AMF Sportster-basically black out panels in flat black with white trim edges. (I’ll add a number “1 “ and some other tidbits.)

The tail comes in white because everybody will want different paint and white is the cheapest way to produce the tail. At this time I will accept orders but I won’t be able to deliver for a while. So its first come first served. I’ll take your credit card number but won’t use it until the day I ship. It’s best to call me so I can get all your information.

Progress Report 10/24/16

hooligan xrx tracker oct2016 1Yep I’m going to name the product the Hooligan XRX tracker tail because Hooligan races will leap at this relatively inexpensive way to make their stock race bikes look like a Harley racer. Same for street riders... you can keep the stock tank, bolt-on a race rear and presto instant street tracker.

For those of you late to the news I’m making an XR rear tail to fit behind the 3 gallon Sportster tank. The project is almost done. The orange part you see here is the last piece of the puzzle--it’s the mold for the rear frame base/taillight holder/brake light mount for all Evos until 2003. As soon as I finish waxing it the glass guy will start making parts then I’ll know the cost. I am also going to make up a graphics kit for the tank and tail. The tank graphics will be like the original XR and you can order it as XR750, XR883, XR1000 or XR1200. More when I know more.

hooligan xrx tracker oct2016 2 hooligan xrx tracker oct2016 3

Phil Little’s XRX Street tracker Progress Report 9/6/16

You are looking at the rear support bracket for XRX tail. It is designed to rest on the seat rails to support weight only. Attachment and positioning happens at the front of the tail.

xrx street tracker seat bracket 3 xrx street tracker seat bracket 4

You remember me saying some time ago that this brace in its first configuration was way too complex and thusly I launched in a more simplified direction. Then a Eureka moment happened. In the past we had to make two support molds--one for Evos up to 1993 and another for 1994 to 2003. This new support is vastly more complex but it allows us to use only one mold to pull both parts.

xrx street tracker seat bracket 1 xrx street tracker seat bracket 2

The photos show the support in the “94” shape. The drawing shows how we cut off the 94 mount and presto the lower 93 mount is exposed. I don’t know if other motorcycle glass guys make molds this complex but I expect not. The whole idea behind this ‘thing’ is not to show any hardware being exposed on the outside of the tail. Others show hardware because it’s cheaper and simpler. Not us boy--we take the long way round the barn. But the net effect is a cleaner looking product.

xrx street tracker seat bracket sketch 1

This part will save me lots of time too. The support will be glassed as the tail is made... before I’d spend an hour reading and attaching this part to the tail. Sadly this simplification only saves me time but does not lower product cost. The remaining part is the light/license plate mount which will be fabbed up as this part is made mold-ready. Soon we should have the final cost and production begins (after 20 years).

~ Phil

Phil Little’s XRX Street tracker Progress Report 6/29/16

I looked back when this project began. It was February of 2014. I am one slow puppy. Okay I have a big report this time. In the last report I showed you the pattern making for the seat foam. It started as a pile of Bondo:

xrx seat bondo 1

Then it was finished off to a polish just like any fiberglass pattern then sent off to the foam molder in sick green gelcoat (which I got free from a supplier):

xrx seat green gelcoat 1

I got back 10 foams pieces and had one covered in my traditional SXR pattern--gun fighter top with smooth sides:

xrx seat foam 1

The end result is pleasing. It snuggles up against the tank nicely and tapers away to nothing at the back of the tail. Just what is needed for a slick looking end-product.

That chunk of the tail that juts down from the tank looks out of place, but it’s not. On both sides that corner blends into the oil tank and side cover--not to worry. This design gets the tail working with the tank. That is a great failing in other designs--they have a gap between tank and tail. Why bother slapping pieces near each other when there is an alternative?

xrx tank tail 1

If you compare the bottom edge of the tail with tail photos in earlier reports you’ll see it’s straight. I used to have bumps at the back which were going to be tabs for rear mounting. I absolutly hate hardware showing on the outside of my glass-so I killed the tabs and am working on a hidden internal rear mount system. Notice that little peak midway back on the tail edge-the other side has one too. If you go back in my reports you’ll see these little shapes conform to the oil tank and my new side cover on both sides. The idea is to blend everything in a planned way.

Okay part two

Last report I showed you this internal rear mount system:

xrx rear mount system 1

I said then it was becoming a massive chunk of glass. It looked nice but it would have increased the cost and your price. So I trashed it.

xrx rear mount system 2

The new mount piece is more abbreviated and will save money.

xrx rear mount system 3

I will make a dedicated license plate holder/taillight holder seen here:

xrx plate holder 1

And I’m going to use a less expensive Lucas style light so the end of the tail will look like this. The blue tape covers the lens so I don’t muck it up with Bondo. The license plate holder comes with a white vinyl protective cover over polished stainless steel

All I have to do at this point is finish the pattern for this new piece and the project will be done. I’ve done some estimating and it looks like this tail assembly (tail, seat, license plate/taillight holder and taillight) will cost about $500 to $550. That’s still a guess but we’re gettin’ close. No pre-orders at this point. I want to have all my ducks in a row and production under way so I can ship products in a timely fashion-not the 2+ months it now takes for my SXR kits

When I get all the pieces in fist I’m going to make up XR style graphics and paint the stock tank and the tail XR orange and have photos made with painted side cover and oil tank. That will give you a true way to judge if your money will be well spent.


XRX Progress Report - 4/28/16

My last report was 2ish months ago. Now you know I work at the pace of a snail. It’s that old ‘too many projects at one time’ thing. This is a follow up on the seat foam pattern I showed you last time in two pieces:

xrx seat foam two pieces th

I’d split it to add 3/8” to the length because the actual foam when it comes out the mold shrinks and the pattern has to compensate for shrinkage. Here’s the final foam pattern:

xrx seat pattern 1 th xrx seat pattern 2 th

It was rejoined, then coated with Duratech and sanded. Next came another layer of gelcoat in some traffic green stuff I had on the shelf. It was sanded from 340 wet/dry down to 2000 wet/dry, then polished and coated with 5 coats of release wax. I took these photos and boxed it up to ship to foam maker in California.

The next report will on the last piece--the license plate/light holder.

~ Phil

Phil Little’s XRX Progress Report 3/5/16

My last report was 10/14/15 which means I’m slow, but you already know that. I am, however, persistent. I have kicked the XRX project into high gear and will devote my time to completing it. Over last week I have roughed out the new rear seat support bracket which will hold taillight and license plate. Here are shots of the bracket:

xrx seat mar 2016 1 xrx seat mar 2016 2

xrx seat mar 2016 3My goal is for the bracket to show a rearward face that blends with the tail end for a more finished look. I have yet to build the taillight/license plate mount which goes in that low hollow.

This bracket will be for first Evos through 1993. In the next shot you can see that early frame behind. I am making it first because the 94+ frame (foreground) has a lower mounting surface and it will be easier to change the -93 bracket by adding material to it so it drops down to the later model seat rails. More when I have it.

~ Phil

XRX Progress Report 10/14/15

Okay, in the last report I showed you the completed XRX seat base. Now I’m a day away from finishing the pattern of the seat foam. I’m going to make a mold and produce my own foam from now on because foam costs from the California maker were killing me.

xrx sportster tail oct2015 1 th xrx sportster tail oct2015 2 th


Here are two shots of the foam pattern. When that’s done I’ll finish the pattern for the fender support bracket/brakelight & license plate holder which has already been started. This has been a very long process and I’m sorry but I’m distracted by so many other concurrent projects. (I have the new style black side left side covers in stock if you want to replace that metal crap that holds the battery in.)

XRX progress report 6/1/15

Hi gang. I’ve made some progress on the XRX street tracker tail for use with stock Harley 3.3 Sportster tanks. I’ve nearly finished making the seat base. Let me take you through the steps:

xrx street tracker june2015 1I use blue 3M masking tape as a release agent because it’s cheap and quick. I coat the tape with one coat of release wax.

xrx street tracker june2015 2I lay fiberglass to mirror the shape of the tank and tail.

xrx street tracker june2015 3Here the fiberglass is cured and I’ve trimmed the shape edge I want.

xrx street tracker june2015 4The seat base pattern is mounted on stilts to eliminate debris during the mold making progress to come next. I've coated the pattern with white gelcoat. The pattern has to be sanded and polished to a mirror gloss. This step took a full day.

Remaining work: Make a mold for the seat foam and make a mold for taillight/license plate holder which bonds under tail then I'm done after a year.

~ Phil

XRX Sportster kit report 5/18/15

It was over a year ago that I started this project (first called DXR). Nothing is as fast as one wants. Well I have movement to report but I think it’s appropriate to review the original goal here.

The idea is a tail which bolts behind a stock Sportster 3.3 gallon tank and with my forth coming XRX tank graphics, an owner can achieve a good looking street tracker on the cheap (about half the cost of my SXR kit.) Hence the old concept drawing is shown again.

Today I can show you the competed tail part, first out of the mold. If you are wondering about that scallopy shape on the edge-that’s my attempt to blend the tail with the oil tank. I have one on the other side for my new left side cover-which is quite popular (see two posts back).

xrx sportster dirt track tail 27may2015 1 th xrx sportster dirt track tail 27may2015 2 th

Okay, I have start the molds for seat foam and the taillight/license plate holder. I’ll be back atcha when I have news.

~ Phil Little

XRX Sportster Body Report 4/12/15

xrx sportster tail 4 12 15 1

Boy, this project is taking a bunch longer than I hoped. Mostly my fault for picking wrong supplier. Here is a photo of the long awaited tail fender mold. With this two-piece mold I can move to making the taillight mount and seat cushion.

When I say two-part notice the hairline split mid way. We spray in the gelcoat and fiberglass matrix and after it cures we dissemble the mold and pull out the part. The fender has so many curves and negative drafts that this is the only way to handle it. More soon I hope.

~ Phil

XRX (DXR) Report 1/12/15

XRX Side Covers are done

XRX side covers are available for Evo Sportsters through 2003. It will also fit the XR1000 and earlier Sportsters with the same 3-hole electric cover on the left side. This cover was developed for my XRX kit but it can be used on any Sportster to cover up the rather ugly stock battery or tinsel cover with skulls. It mounts where the triangle cover mounts on the frame. It uses the same wellnuts and I supply black hardware. It comes in black or white (order the white if you are going to paint it).

xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 1 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 2 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 3

XRX side cover, black or white - $79.00

DXR (XRX) Report 9/2/14

It's happy time. All the shaping, sanding and polishing is over. I finish waxing the 'pattern' parts then it's off to the mold maker this week. Things left to do are; making the taillight and license plate holder, machining the rear mount system and ordering foam for the seat. I will hand shape the first few seat cushions.


More later
~ Phil

XRX Report 8/4/14 - "It's downhill now"

Point One

At Paul Slinkard's suggestion henceforth this kit will be known as XRX instead of DXR

Point Two

Mike (jdm4gg@gmail.com) has identified a way to determine the small Sportster 2.2 gallon tank from the 3.2 gallon tank. If you measure from the rear tank mount to the back of the tank and come up with 2" that's the 2.2 tank. If this distance is 5" that's the 3.2 gallon tank. I have made the XRX tail around the 3.2 tank so I may not be able to serve those with 2.2 tanks

Point Three

xrx-sportster-dirt-track-tail-4aug2014-1 xrx-sportster-dirt-track-tail-4aug2014-2 Rightly or wrongly I designed the XRX kit around the use of my new side battery cover (which is different than my existing slab-sided battery cover). If you notice the sweep from the pointy fronts down to the bottom edge on the left side you'll see it differs from the right side. The left is a more abrupt angle while the right is a longer sweep. This mean if you are not going to use a battery cover the tail will look awful because it sweeps down on the left and meets nothing.


Okay the shaping process is virtually done. As you can see I have the final primer coat on all the parts. This stuff is what I sand to 2000 grit and polish so molds can be made. I probably have 2 weeks worth of sanding to do and the polishing/waxing process will take a week then it's off to the mold maker we go. I guess that they will take a minimum of two weeks to make the molds then we can make the first parts. After that I have to make the taillight and license plate holder out of fiberglass and have my machinist make the aluminum mounts. This process is agonizingly slow for you all I know. I will send another report in about 2 weeks.

~ Phil

DXR Sportster Report 6/23/14

I have no photos to show today even though work is progressing slowly (I've had other project interruptions). I expect to get back to it full time Thursday. Not much is left to fabricate before I begin the pre-mold polishing process-this you'll see in photos because you'll get a great idea how the parts will look.

Thanks to DXR report list person Paul Slinkard, the product name will change to XRX. You guys are well served by Paul because he's been all over me to git goin'. Paul's had great concerns about using expensive flashers for the LED signal's I'll be using. My brother, who's building a turnkey SXR project for a customer has discovered a cheap flasher which operates all four flashers and its cheap-so cheap I'll include it in the kit. The cost should be about 20 bucks.

One tail shape will be made to fit all Evos up to 2003. The 1986 to 1993 will not have dropped rear mounting tabs. The 1993 to 2003 will have dropped mounting tabs.

I still can't get any closer to costs but here is a list of the kit components:

  • Tail fender
  • Seat base
  • Shaped foam
  • Upholstery with gun fighter seat top
  • Mount kit (mid and rear mounts)
  • Tail/brake/signal light (single unit). Incandescent tail/brake light option
  • LED flasher


  • Battery cover
  • Custom XRX graphics kit for tank and tail

~ Phil

DXR Sportster Report 5/1/14

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-11This week's task was to make the seat base. Here is the raw fiberglass laid into the fender well designed for the seat. Before I pulled it off the fender I put legs on it. The legs elevate the seat base for applying the sandable finish on it later. You'll see it in an advanced stage next time.

The blue tape protected the fender from curing fiberglass:

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-12Okay here's the trimmed seat base pulled off the fender:

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-13Now you can see how the seat base it fits into the fender well. What is hard to see is the front which runs part way up the back of the tank:

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-lightThis is another photo of the running light/brake light/signals unit but in scale.

More when I have it next week.
~ Phil

DXR Report 4/21/14

The project is moving along. You'll notice two holes in the tail sides at the rear. The lower hole is a secondary mount for 1994 and newer frames. The upper hole is for 1993 and older frames. The '94 tab will be simply cut off for 1993 and older applications. The primary tail mount is that depression in the middle under that seat-it picks up the tab on the cross tube and the front is secured by tab behind the tank.

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-5 DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-9 DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-10

If you are wondering about the ridge around the seat cushion-a long time ago I learned that this hides the tail/cushion mating gap and helps blend the tail into the cushion.

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-6 DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-8


The shock position on 1993 and older frames differs in location from 1994 and later frames therefore I will not be able to grind half holes for shock clearance. That something you can easily do with a 1" drum sander in your hand drill.

Work will now halt because I am waiting to make a mount for a nifty new LED taillight/brake light with... get this--turn signals. This will really clean up the back end of your bike. The use of a side license plate mount will be the finishing touch.

The side cover is basically done save for pre-mold finishing.


DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-tabsTo my horror I discovered Harley makes at least two versions of their large peanut tank. It concerns the front mount tabs. A later version has a 1 7/8" bent tab and an earlier version has a shorter 1 ¼" short straight tab. I designed the tail around how a long tab tank sits on the frame. Those of you with short tab tanks will have to grind away the hidden portions of my two forward tail extensions that fit up under the tank.

Time crunching

Instead of making the seat base from a finished fender, I am going to make it from the tail as it is now. This will save about 30 days and we'll be that closer to production.

Question one for you

I have used the big peanut tank (3 gal.?) to make this tail. Is the small peanut tank the same in length and in shape at the rear as the bigger tanks?

Question two for you

I was going to offer tank and tail graphics to go with this new tail but I got to thinking that maybe Harley already offers graphics (as for their "R" models). Should I let you buy those or is there a need to design new ones. You tell me what you want in this department.

~ Phil

DXR Report 2/10/14


The DXR tail is pretty much roughed out as is the new battery side cover. I have finish work to do and the license plate/taillight mount to make. This will be part of the tail not a separate piece. I can do that by making a 2-part mould. I will report more when I have it.





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The entire system is brushed stainless steel. You don’t have to paint it and it is non-rusting. This pipe gives a modest increase of torque and HP over the stock Harley system. This pipe system works even better with modified engines. This is a Cone Engineering product. I have worked with them for years and their stuff is superb.

The design of this system works only with stock pegs in the stock location. This exhaust is illegal on California streets but okay for Hooligan tracks in that state. The sound should pass at most race tracks who require a “muffler. Other tracks use decibel monitors and how they test becomes critical. This pipe will be fine for short Hooligan tracks of 1/8 to ¼ mile. They will perform even better on long ½ mile and mile tracks.