hooligan pipe 1Hooligan 2-into-1 pipe system is designed for 1985-2003 Sportsters. This is a race styled exhaust for the track and street, too.

This pipe will be fine for short Hooligan tracks of 1/8 to ¼ mile. They will perform even better on long ½ mile and mile tracks. Lightweight, it tucks in low alongside the frame to avoid damage in right hand corners or a high side.

The 2 ¼” x 12” megaphone has a deep throaty sound and excessive noise is trapped by a perforated core surrounded by permanent steel wool packing--no repacking needed.

It's brushed stainless steel. You don’t have to paint it and it is non-rusting.

The tuning of this pipe gives an increase of torque and HP over the stock Harley system. This pipe system works even better with modified engines. This is a Cone Engineering product and their stuff is superb.

Works only with stock pegs in the stock location.

Illegal on California streets but okay for flat tracks in that state. Should pass at most race tracks that require "a muffler".