A new Yamaha 650 café kit?

Your opinion is needed. A fella from Denmark inquired about a café kit based on my 650 Storm body. Got me to thinking. The Storm now has a mild café look. Without a whole bunch of work the tank can be widened in front to fashion knee pockets where they should be and the creation of a taller tail hump could make a nice vintage café look. (This would be a two-piece body for more economical shipping.)

storm cafe concept sketch 1
storm cafe concept 1
storm cafe concept sketch 2
storm cafe concept 2

You as a member of my board of directors should tell me I’m nuts or maybe the idea could fly. If you are motivated, tell me how you react to these questions:

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it
  • It’s okay but I don’t think it would sell (for about $895)
  • I think it would sell even for $895
  • Other thoughts

Thanks a bunch.
Phil Little
(952) 935-8833

The results are in...

From your collective ideas I’m going to make some changes:

  • I will straighten the base-line
  • Flatten the seat cushion top, flatter base
  • A more cafe-like humped tail end with a steeper drop
  • Fuel tank higher in rear, not sloped down
  • Will reduce surface area of side panels
  • I will take every opportunity to reduce cost below the $895 figure
  • I need to incorporate a taillight in the design

Thanks for your help.
~ Phil

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