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Cat racing hood for sale-new

garage sale cat hood 1I used to make these hoods before I sold the mold. I discovered I had a brand new one in a box in my storage area. Can’t use it but maybe you can. It was created for vintage racing. It fits Arctic Cat Lynx, EXTs and Pumas from the late 60s to 1973ish. It may fit other Cat models of the period as well if they used the same belly pan.

The hood features a low profile design, wide grille opening for cooling and the ‘hint’ of a windshield. The hood is not designed for a windshield. The left side of the grill is a flat vertical panel to keep snow away from the clutches. A headlight can also be mounted on this panel. From the belt line down the hood has the stock shape to fit stock pans.

Instead of $300 I’ll sell this new/old hood for $199. It comes with no graphics at all just the black gelcoat. You can pick it up or I can ship it via Greyhound Express for about $90. It would go to a town with a Greyhound depot and you’d have to pick it up there.

Give me a shout at or 952-607-6063.

~ Phil

Lonesome RXL needs a home

More than a year ago a fellow ordered an RXL hood in white but found it difficult to get it across the Canadian border and begged off the purchase. I sure don’t need it--it’s big and crowds my office so let’s have a little sale but first let’s talk about what’s in the carton.

gs polaris rxl hood 1 gs polaris rxl hood 2

The new hood is un-trimmed around the tank which it means it’s designed for use with the pre-’88 tanks. It has straight bars with it and the mounting tower. Retail value is as follows:

RXL hood and nose, in white $569.00
Duez ¼ turn hood latch kit $50.00
Flat race handle bars $29.00
Custom hand built carton & plastic bag $45.00
Total $693.00

rxl left front cropped th

Would you be interested if I offered the whole package for $500?

The kit does not include graphics. I don’t think standard graphics look good at all on white. If you want RXL graphics perhaps I can set you up with different colors.

If you are a painter you could shoot the body in black or midnight blue, then of course you could order these RXL graphics. Maybe you want to do something totally different like painting the body all bright red--that would be cool for the race track. You decide. Contact me if you want to talk about it.

Phil Little

Polaris 1973 TX Gearing

polaris tx gearing 1Back in ’73 I raced a 340 TX stocker. I experimented with clutching and gearing. These items were “take offs” which means they were new at the time but didn’t make the cut after testing. For 43 years they’ve been resting in a box through all my house moves but they are basically new. I won’t be getting into TXs so you might as well put them to good use. I’ll leave them here in the garage sale and if I don’t get any interest, I’ll move them to ebay. These are all double row. Select what you can use then write me at and give me an offer.

Thanks Phil 952-607-6063 cell

  • 13T Counter shaft sprocket
  • 17T Counter shaft sprocket
  • 19T Counter shaft sprocket
  • 36T Driven sprocket
  • 42T Driven sprocket
  • 90 Link chain
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