Indy Custom Hoods

I’ve got some new ideas for you Polaris nuts. The first hood is the Velocity, and the second hood is a RXL-PDC with colors that may remind some of the great TX-PDC. The PDC was the SnoPro prior to the RXL in 1978. Both of these hoods fit 1980 to 1997* Indys with the extruded aluminum front bumper. I’m going to build an Indy 400 L/C and have it ready for Waconia 2019. I want to show it with both custom hoods each with similar graphics. I’ve always loved the PDC TX hoods. I can’t afford a TX and an Emerick’s PDC hood so I will give that look to the 400 with two Indy hoods--the Velocity and the RXL PDC.

Indy Custom Hood #1: The Velocity

indy custom hood sketch 1

From $369

The Velocity is a great way to improve the look of an old Indy and keep costs on the cheap side. It is priced about what a perfect stock hood would cost but the Velocity will get noticed (a stock hood won’t). The $369 price is what I charged for it back in 1992. All I did was apply some new ideas to an old hood I made some time ago. 

The Velocity hood is really a bolt-on. This is a practical hood which uses the stock air box, stock shield, the windshield mount pieces and stock wire hood stays.

* This hood will require the 1980 to 1993 nose. If you're going to use it on 1980 to 1993 you reuse your hinges, light bezel, headlight and windshield. If you are going to use on a 1994 to 1997 get the early nose (without the center peak), hinges, light bezel, headlight and windshield. It mounts the same easy way as the 1980 to 1993s hoods did with that early hinge.

The Velocity hood. Notice how the hinges are color matched and captured by the deck color panel so they are visually hidden.
This is how the rear of the hood looks. Notice scoop for airbox intake on upper left dash.


Hood, white $369.00
Hood hinges
I have redesigned and rebuilt the stock hinges that won’t bend out of shape like the originals
Graphics $ to come
Windshield color wrap
I can supply red vinyl to cover your shield unless you want the black blackout look
$50.00 (approx.)

Here’s what to do your sled if you like this idea:

  • Blast and paint the hinge tops to match the hood color panel
  • Blast and paint the light bezel-to match the hood deck color
  • Blast and paint the windshield straps-to match the hood deck color
  • Cut windshield down to level of rear light box for a race look
  • Paint the inside of your windshield red or apply red vinyl to the outside
  • Paint your bumper white to widen the look of the hood

You will have to paint the red panel like the drawing. Or you can have a wrap company apply a red panel. This will cost about as much as paint. I’d love to supply red DIY vinyl but you’d go nuts trying to apply it around the light and scoops--wrap is really hard to do. I suggest painting the bumper white to get that wide PDC look. If you don’t like the red idea you can go with black or blue and I’ll match your color choice in the graphics.

This is vinyl wrap on a windshield and hood. Just the hood wrap cost me $250

NOTE. The five hood scoops are perfect for L/C engines but make sure to drill out the nose to match the big holes in your aluminum support structure. Fan cooled sleds need #5430803 louver on right pan side.

Indy Custom Hood #2: The RXL-PDC

indy custom hood sketch 2From $569

I think I’ve found a great way to use my RXL hoods in a cheaper way. I’m suggesting white RXL hoods because they cost less than black or midnight blue hood. By selecting white I’m reaching back to 1964-1976 for the look of Polaris Colts and TXs. I think by using TX-like graphics, this hood will snatch looks on the trail. This is going to be an easy build. I’m going to supply a white hood and nose. I will also supply hood deck and side graphics which you could install yourself or I can do it for you.

I will use the white RXL hoods/nose, and special TX-like red/black graphics on a 400 L/C I will build in the summer of 2018. Eric Sayen will like this idea because he bought a white hood and we couldn’t figure out what to do with it to make it look good.

The build

The only departure from the RXL installation is painting the under portion of the nose to match the pan. I intend to black-out the nose back wall too. You could do this with aerosol semi-gloss black spray can paint.


RXL hood and nose, in white
Specify 1989 on big tank or pre 1988 small tank
Duez ¼ turn hood latch kit $50.00
Hood/nose graphics $ to come
Graphics installation $ to come
RXL halogen long-distance headlight
Mounts on nose or on bars
Light mount for steering column $27.00
Flat race handlebars $29.00
Custom hand-built carton & plastic bag $45.00

Please contact me with questions on either custom hood kit.

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RXL Seats

Say hi to Conrad Van Batavia, the RXL seat man

conrad van batavia th

Long before my RXL/Indy arrived on the scene, Conrad had been making RXL (and other) seats. Conrad's seats are flawless in quality. If in doubt about the quality you'll get locally—just call Conrad.

When I showed photos of my RXL/Indy seat I told people to go to Conrad to get one like it. Conrad called me and said "I'll do the foam and the vinyl but I want to stay away from the wood part." Okay. I knew you guys would want a seat like mine for the pre-1988* small tanks so I'm jumping in and supplying the wood bases to Conrad. The photo shows Conrad receiving the first base at the Hutchison Swap meet on 3/21/15. The base is made from screwed and glued ½" marine plywood so you know that it won't fall apart over time.

rxl seat 1

This is the style of seat Conrad will make for you. It will not have trunk space or a built-in taillight. (Get a LED light from SLP, attach it to bumper or tunnel).

Now I can't, at this time, tell you how much the seat base will cost because I don't know. I will know that in a few days. I think what will happen is that I'll supply bases to Conrad and he'll charge you for his work plus the bases and he'll pay me when you pay him. More on this soon.

Conrad Van Batavia
Seats By Conrad
49739 131st Ave
Verndale, MN 55481
218-639-1815 or

* I learned at Hutch that Polaris made an early, early small pre-1988 tank that is more humped. You don't want that one. You want the flatter version with a pronounced ridge around the left mounted cap. See above photo.