Tim Kline's RXL has beauty more than skin deep

kline polaris rxl front quarter thTim from Conklin, MI purchased a kit from me then pulled his sled apart and detailed everything. Note the engine bay--it is superb. He did the same with the suspension system and and all other bits. The hood-off shot shows how good the RXL seat looks with a big tank.

kline polaris rxl engine bay thTim said, "Thank you for the hood, and everything looks great. All my friends think it is cool looking."

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RXL Seats

Say hi to Conrad Van Batavia, the RXL seat man

conrad van batavia th

Long before my RXL/Indy arrived on the scene, Conrad had been making RXL (and other) seats. Conrad's seats are flawless in quality. If in doubt about the quality you'll get locally—just call Conrad.

When I showed photos of my RXL/Indy seat I told people to go to Conrad to get one like it. Conrad called me and said "I'll do the foam and the vinyl but I want to stay away from the wood part." Okay. I knew you guys would want a seat like mine for the pre-1988* small tanks so I'm jumping in and supplying the wood bases to Conrad. The photo shows Conrad receiving the first base at the Hutchison Swap meet on 3/21/15. The base is made from screwed and glued ½" marine plywood so you know that it won't fall apart over time.

rxl seat 1

This is the style of seat Conrad will make for you. It will not have trunk space or a built-in taillight. (Get a LED light from SLP, attach it to bumper or tunnel).

Now I can't, at this time, tell you how much the seat base will cost because I don't know. I will know that in a few days. I think what will happen is that I'll supply bases to Conrad and he'll charge you for his work plus the bases and he'll pay me when you pay him. More on this soon.

Conrad Van Batavia
Seats By Conrad
49739 131st Ave
Verndale, MN 55481
218-639-1815 or


* I learned at Hutch that Polaris made an early, early small pre-1988 tank that is more humped. You don't want that one. You want the flatter version with a pronounced ridge around the left mounted cap. See above photo.

Will your triple pipes fit?

Measure 2½” up from the aluminum structure* that the nose bolts to, then measure 3½” above the steering bar mount loop and lay a straightedge between those two points. If your pipes are well below that line you are in fat city.

If your pipes are under but close to the line, you’ll need insulated pipe wrap. If pipes are above the magic line you are SOL or need to create a bump in the hood-not a swell thing to do.

rxl hood pipe clearance

Info provided by Don Sayen (Polaris guru), Mound, MN

* The front cross piece with the big cooling holes

RXL/Indy Turnkey Builders

If you don't have time to build an RXL/Indy project use one of the way-above-average builders below.


Time Bender Vintage Garage

Dale Neduzak is a retired aviation engineer, of over 40 years, licensed in Canada and the United States so you know he does pro work. He restores autos, sleds and antiques-that means fabrication, welding and painting. He is the only guy in the world who builds from scratch, 100% original RXLs and he sells all the parts for them-(Troy Pierce's RXLs use modern tech.) He will restore any sled but his favorite is Polaris and he's done many Ski-Doos too.

His shop is just east of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Beausejour. He can meet you at the boarder (just north of Roseau) to make the transfer easy. See his website.

Dale Neduzak
Time Bender Vintage Garage
P.O. Box 407
Beausejour, Manitoba
Canada, R0E 0C0.

204-471-2975 (mobile)




We don't yet have any names. Know someone really good?



CJ Enterprises

This guy is a builder! The sled above is not a TX. It’s a swing armed Rush. He threw away the Rush pan and hood then proceeded to make his own mold. The result-a super retro with rider forward advantages. If you need a RXL/Indy built for you he can do it in several stages of completion. Give him a shout.

cj enterprises rxl indy 1 th

Chris Jones
CJ Enterprises
Custom snowmobile fabrication and restoration

7033 Sandhill Rd
Akron, NY 14001