A Lucky Jump Bike

hanson evel sxr 1 thJoel Hanson lives in Aiken, South Carolina. He has a small custom bike shop called 'Three Finger Designs'. No he wasn’t formerly a carpenter. The name is in homage to his grandfather who got Joel interested in building things, as well as motorcycles. Joel has always been an Evel fan and decided to make a tribute bike to him.

At a recent show, it was amazing how many people asked if it was one of his jump bikes. The bike draws crowds like flies. Joel ordered two kits from me. One as a show bike for his business. The next one will be the first of hopefully many he will sell to customers. If you are like Joel and lust after an Evel bike but don’t have the time (or talent perhaps) you may want to call on him to build you a bike. His phone is 803-439-7365 or you can email him at jhanson@gforcecable.com. His pricing is flexible based on the features you want on your Knievel Special.

Joel’s first bike started as a 1994 1200 Sportster. He says, “I replaced front and rear wheels with 19" spoke wheels. They are laced to OEM hubs with Buchanan spokes. To keep the vintage look I used Duro tires. All the aluminum parts were polished. All of the body parts, handlebars, shocks, battery cover and rear inner fender came from Phil Little Racing. The kit is well designed and looks great. I painted the bike in less than a week. It has gold leaf applied to the horse shoe, 'Evel' logo and the Harley-Davidson font on the tank.

If I may do a little editorial here. Joel’s paint job is spectacular. His free-form stars on the blue field is unique. He did a great job blending the blue portion of my seat with the blue on the tank and tail. If you look at the tailing edge of the seat-it’s red and the red travels the length of the body as a red line. All very nice. As much as I hate to say this because I offer SuperTrapps, his XR-like pipes look most original. Again if you want an evil Evel contact Joel.

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The best flat-track t-shirt ever!

XR750TshirtPerfect shirt for flat trackers to wear at motorcycle gatherings. It’s all about the first 1970 XR750--a proper right side view with all the basic specs in text box. The orange sleeves are so right for the two-color XR imprint design and set the shirt apart from all the other white ones in the world (or badassed black ones with skulls!).

xr750-shirt-photoThe design is orange and black on an Augusta 50% cotton/50% polyester shirt with orange raglan sleeves and orange collar. I'm stocking these in only Large and XL because, well, we're gettin' older aren't we? I'm making other sizes in small batches.