Anders Erickson - Swedish SXR

Trakker2This is how my SXR turned out. Superb bike to ride! 1200cc, ported heads, forged pistons, bigger valves, adjusted in a dyno, 89 rear wheel horse power!

All your stuff was good, but... the [stock] battery side cover flew off from my bike but I found it later, really needs a fastener in the front. And the dodgy nut on the seat unit... I tossed it and replaced it whit a real nut and bolt.

I also had a lot of grinding on the seat unit, it did not fit my frame. The tank was easier, just a bit grinding. Exhaust fitted like a glove, rear shocks are great too and easy to fit.

TrakkerI can easily recommend anyone who wants to build a dirt tracker to use Phil Little Racing products! Thanks for all your help and great service!

Best Regards

Anders T. Eriksson


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The best flat-track t-shirt ever!

XR750TshirtPerfect shirt for flat trackers to wear at motorcycle gatherings. It’s all about the first 1970 XR750--a proper right side view with all the basic specs in text box. The orange sleeves are so right for the two-color XR imprint design and set the shirt apart from all the other white ones in the world (or badassed black ones with skulls!).

xr750-shirt-photoThe design is orange and black on an Augusta 50% cotton/50% polyester shirt with orange raglan sleeves and orange collar. I'm stocking these in only Large and XL because, well, we're gettin' older aren't we? I'm making other sizes in small batches.