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tazio nuvolariFerdinand Porsche said Tazio Nuvolari was the greatest racecar driver of the past, present and future.

The guy was an animal. Busted up in crashes he’d crawl back on the seat or in the cockpit (he was a motorcycle racer before he turned to four wheels). He raced from 1930 to 1950. He raced for the big European teams and usually did well in Grand Prix, road race and Le Mans races.

In testing a 1925 Afla, he crashed when a gear box locked up. He took a severe gash to his back. Six days later in bandages and a pillow strapped to his stomach he was lifted onto a motorcycle by mechanics and won a race in the rain.

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snogoer cover nov2018SnowGoer magazine carried a five-page story in their November 2018 issue on my RXL SnoPro racer kit for Indys from 1983 to 1997. The story was written by the builder, Jeff Oberg from Alexandria, MN.

Go buy that issue before it leaves the newsstands.

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sliding demo bike 1This weird looking motorcycle thing is going to be part of my forthcoming new YouTube video on the hows and whys of flat track sliding. This thing is a sliding demo device. This teaching aid is a bunch easier than using a real, heavy, unwieldy motorcycle in a studio. One of the concepts the video will cover is “Chop/Drop/Squirt,” the very secret to sliding.

  • In time, I suspect this video will be widely watched in the flat track community because there is nothing comparable on line. If you want to be alerted when the video is available, email me at (Do not leave a message for me on Facebook.)

  • This project is going to take months to complete at some cost. If your company wants to become a video sponsor on YouTube-email me at
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