marley high desert harley 1More race promoters are including non-traditional classes in their programs and other promoters offer nothing but run-what-ya-brung classes. The nuttier racing is the more spectators eat it up. I mean, what flat track spectator wouldn’t enjoy watching high bar choppers trying to negotiate an 1/8th or ¼ mile track?

One of the classes almost always offered is the “stock” Sportster class. Most customers who are into this are using 883 and 1200 Evos. They order a front wheel conversion kit from me to use on the rear so they can get flat track tires (which only come in 19”) to handle the dirt tracks. Oh they’ll put on DT bars, bolt on some number plates and pull the silencers but that’s about it. Hooliganism is catching on in California, Inner mountain west, Texas and in the East. Photo by Kiley Yee, parts guy at High Desert H-D in Idaho.

Brad Spencer rides the Monkey Hooligan

A couple years ago I got a call from Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage--that whacky auto builder show on TV and YouTube. He wanted a SXR street tracker for a show build. He got it and turned out pretty slick in black and gold. The bike was raffled off and left the garage. It floated through an owner or two then Brad Spencer snapped it up for Hooligan racing. He says he’s an average flat tracker but currently (as of 8/29/17) he’s sitting with number 2 points in the Hooligan series. And that’s saying something because ex-pros are starting to show up to race Sportys.

spencer hooligan 1 spencer hooligan 2

Thanks to Roland Sands the Hooligan thing is very popular and the class is being snapped up by sponsors and racers across America.

Mitch from Reno

sportster racing sport 1 th

Here’s another Hooligan racer--Mitch Gallagher from Reno. He ordered my rear wheel kit but has a bit more in his scoot with a trick pipe and a bash plate. Evos can be had for $2000 to $2500 so it makes it a pretty cheap race bike, one which can be spun back to the market with relative ease.


Flying Scott

Another Hooligan racer who attacked Wisconsin, Minnesota and Colorado this year, Scott ended up with 3rd place in points in the Colorado Hooligan Flat Track class. He said “I ordered a wheel conversion from you about a year ago and haven't looked back. I'm running a 2004 sportster with a 1250 kit, HRS42 and some other goodies. I have had so much fun racing this year and look forward to next year! Thanks again for the great product and I'm also looking for a couple sets of your DT bars too”.

hooligan racing scott 1hooligan racing scott 2 

Craig Caldwell's Hooligan

Craig Caldwell from Washington state is building a Hooligan tracker. This conversion can be done for about half the cost of my SXR street tracker. Here you see my Gen I Hooligan tail for square back tanks on Craig’s bike. Everything else is stock without graphics except for the shocks. See how the tail mimics the oil tank lines. It does that to my side cover on the other side, too.

caldwell hooligan tracker 1 caldwell hooligan tracker 2 caldwell hooligan tracker 3

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PS: Scott and other Hooligan racers... I am going to attempt to build a bolt-on device which will pull your steering in 3 degrees so you’ll be able to cut through corners quicker on shorter tracks. I’ll announce it later this winter.