BMW Full Fenders have been reintroduced as of 8/25/15.

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bmw original fender

BMW made 40,218 R1200C cruisers between 1997 and 2004. For an odd reason BMW fitted this cruiser with a sport-styled and abbreviated front fender and a less than full-coverage rear (see photo). A minimalist front fender on a tourer offers poor rider and machine protection from rain and dirt. And aesthetically, it has a weak visual presence when compared to the rest of the bike which is visually “full.”

My R1200C full fenders will increase your protection and enhance the cruising capabilities of your bike. Fenders are made of fiberglass and come in black or white (as a paint base for your non-black bike.) Fiberglass is wonderfully repairable and does not dent like a metal fender. These fenders were molded from stock fenders so mounting shape and hole positions are nuts-on. Minor tweaking may be needed to “square” your fender.

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BMW front fender prices

Prices effective August 2017

Bell Bottom BMW front fender $195.00
Bell Bottom BMW rear fender $245.00

Cliff Webb explains why he chose a full BMW fender for his R1200C

The BMW R1200C is a wonderful piece of engineering, but when it comes to the front fender, it lacks length on the back end. Road chippings constantly damage the engine casing and the chrome belt cover. This is a more apparent problem with my trike as the front wheel runs in the middle of the road.

To deal with problem I searched for methods of eliminating the damage in the form of a fender extension or mounting a guard on the front of the engine casing. Both have worked but have been tacky looking. I came across a photo of Phil’s BMW fender on the Chromeheads website which looked like the ideal solution. I contacted Phil and had one sent over the pond to the UK. Got my local paint sprayer to match the colour and the change-over was fairly straight forward with only some minor alignment issues that were easily overcome with rubber washers placed between the top of the fender and the mounting plate.

The result was amazing, not only does it do the job it has actually enhanced and balanced the flowing lines of the rest of the trike. It has to be said that this has been the best modification I have made to the trike to date and one that now distinguishes it apart from the others. Brilliant!

Cliff Webb lives in Turners Hill, West Sussex, UK.

A better-than-factory BMW R1200C

Phil H. Sunley from Clayton le Woods, UK, had a BMW R1200C with a stock front fender he didn’t fancy. It was too short to keep crud off the engine and the design just didn’t fit the bike. He sought an alternative via an online search. He was diligent enough to find my site and the answer to his problem--my full front and rear R1200C fenders. Phil choose a front and I sent it to him.

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Here is what it looks like on Phil’s bike. He did a flawless paint match and now he has a C that looks much better and has a fender that does what a fender is supposed to do. Obviously I think Phil is a brilliant person.