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Restorers of Earles fork BMWs have a problem. Nobody makes new fenders so owners of 1955-1969 R50, 60, 68, 69 & 69F are paying huge money for originals and spending big money to bring them back to acceptable condition. My fenders, replicas of the original, most probably are the solution. They are made from fiberglass and are coated in black gelcoat.


Well known Minneapolis BMW restorer and mechanic, Charlie Johnson, mentioned to me the supply of /2 fenders was gone and the cost to his customers of bringing back OEM fenders was painfully expensive. He suggested I make replicas. I took on the project of reproducing /2 fenders with the full knowledge that BMW owners expect the very best quality.

I did my very best to produce both fenders that are straight and true. They are certainly better in this regard than the stamped OEM fenders. I think I spent about 75 hours making the rear fender alone. I designed it with what I call ‘Precision joined surfaces’ because the two parts of the rear fender have to join in a seamless way-this is hard to do with fiberglass.

The rear fender is in two parts and dissembles like the original. The rear comes with hardware and wiring.

All the mounting drill points are indicated but I don’t drill them because your frame and components could have moved around a bit in 50 years. Install the fenders with stock braces. Fenders need no painting-just have your painter add the white stripping.


I included drill points but did not drill them because your frame and components could have moved around a bit in 50 years from bumps and dings and the fender braces may have changed from OEM spec. Position the fender and drill your holes. Install the fenders with stock braces. The rear fender is joined with ¼-20 Allen head screws-two of which are chrome plated acorn nuts to replicate the original. The middle brace of the front fender was riveted to the fender-I have included two small black Allen screws and nuts to replace the rivets.


bmw slash 2 fender 2Plug in/plug out wiring connection pieces are included for rear fender. The BMW color code: red=taillight, gray=stop light and black=ground.


  • BMW /2 front fender $149.00
  • BMW /2 rear fender $246.00
  • BMW /2 front and rear $395.00 (in stock as of 5/17/18)

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