These are the only dedicated ice fenders built just for us nutty ice riders. The front 'fork capture pockets' have been lengthened so they'll fit any bike with upside down or conventional forks. The pockets are intended to stop against the sliders/forks if the mount straps break. This is so the fender won't roll under the wheel and the bike dashes your brains out. Do I guarantee this? No. Some odd thing could happen and you die anyway.

ice fender2 th

Both fenders come in white because you are going to paint them. Some of you will slap them on in white because you don't care.

Installation guide

New front fender

  • Six mounting points. I've learned painfully that multiple mount points allow the fender to be more solid. This minimizes the side-to-side wiggle which ultimately means stud-to-fender contact... and pffft, your fender starts to disappear.

  • Re-radiused fenders to fit 21" and 19" ice tires. Nothing looks as geeky as a mismatched tire and fender radius.

Since resin is made from petroleum I expect to be getting additional cost increases. When you order, I’ll let you know of any price changes.

  • Built-in strength. This is a fender of many contours and shapes. This was done on purpose to add strength beyond that of a normal round fender. Fenders are also thick, (3/16") for strength. Many of you are still using plastic MX fenders-those are basically as strong as your mount straps because the fender itself has limited strength. I've had plastic fenders explode on super cold days.

  • Repairability. Fiberglass has always been an easy material to repair. Between seasons, just sand blast the back side and cover the crack with several layers of new glass. Then you Bondo the crack from the outside and repaint.

ice fender honda1 ice fender3

ice fender rear

New rear fender

Here's a new hard-to-find rear fender. It is 6" wide. Its flat sides afford many mount places. It's long so just cut off what you don't need. Same features of front fender apply to this rear too.

Ice fender front, white $175.00
Ice fender rear, white $150.00

tether switchBuy a pair of fenders and you’ll get this clamp-on style tether switch FREE. I’m doing this as a result of the Blood on the Ice stories below. I don’t want to hear about fellow ice riders dying because their bikes chewed ‘em up. A simple tether switch will fix that problem so wire the damn thing on and use it.

Canadian Ice Fender story

Dave Rand from Capitol Motosports in Winnipeg bought a couple of ice fenders from me several years ago. Just recently (Jan 2016) he called and ordered four more for his ice riding friends. Dave really likes these fenders. He says they are super rugged and last well in combat.

championship ice fender 3rd gen 1 thchampionship ice fender 3rd gen 3 th

championship ice fender 3rd gen 2 thDave likes the captured pocket safety feature of the front fender even on upside down forks. Other upside down guys have been buying rear fenders for the front. Normally I don’t recommend straps for mounting but I see Dave has used heavy guage aluminum. Using thinner straps does not prevent lateral fender movement and the screws can buzz the crap out of fender edges if the fender is allowed to wiggle. I’m thinkin’ that box or tube is stronger.

Here’s the rear on Dave’s bike. This fender has multiple years on it but shows very little wear. Certainly a following rider has imparted a message on Dave’s fender but that is entirely repairable when it gets really bad.

Blood on the ice--a warning

Story One

In January of 2016 I was talking to a Canadian fellow who told me a chilling story which happened 10 years ago. An ice rider fell and his own bike’s rear tire went wild and chewed him deep and severely. It caught a leg artery and quickly he died right there on the ice with his friends frantic to do just anything.

Story Two

Late January of 2016 I was chatting with Dan Hodder from Rochester, MI. Just last weekend a fellow ice rider got snarled up in his rear wheel and the engine was not limited with a tether switch. The rider was all chewed up from feet to hips and it was a serious big time injury. He lived but is still in the hospital after a week.

Story Three

I ride with a very nice bunch of guys and none of them use any fenders whatsoever. I wait on the path for them all to tire out, then I go out on the track. If somebody comes up behind me I just pull off. I didn’t reach the age of 73 by being stupid.

What’s the message here?

Duh! Use front and rear fenders plus a tether switch and I don’t care where you buy ‘em. I mean it’s just too easy to buy protective devices which keep your soft flesh away from ultra sharp studs whirling at who knows what RPM.

Right now I’m investigating the cost of supplying a free tether switch to anyone who buys a front and rear fender from me. Stay tuned to this page to see how I’ve done in that quest.

~ Phil