jon hanson ice bike 2Jon Hanson lives in Beaver Bay, WI, and this is his completed endurance ice race bike. Jon agonized before he bought my ice fenders because they are not cheap ($175 front and $150 rear.) Most other racers use plastic fenders because they are available and cheap. Jon looked at the newer rules and noted the full coverage language. He was also concerned that plastic fenders don’t offer much in the way of side protection, but mine do.

jon hanson ice bike 1When he called, I told him that my fenders are stronger than plastic and wouldn’t bend out of the way in an impact exposing those means screws. The molded in shapes add to the strength. And additionally my fenders can be repaired not thrown away like totaled plastic fenders. The photos show his mental conclusion and a pleasant looking end result. I have to say Jon is a wise person--but that comes with age. He like me, is getting “up here.” All hail Jon.