xr 185 1XR/XL185, XR/XL125 & XR/XL200

Old twin shock Hondas are still ideal for tight woods riding. They are light, have a high ground clearance, low seat height, a short wheelbase, plus they have useable power. The power of big cc bikes is wasted in really tight stuff. Big bikes weigh more and tire you more quickly.

Old twin shock Honda parts are hard-to-find: right side cover, chain guard plus a good looking rear fender--because stock ones look awful, especially the XL models.

MX-Styled Rear Fender

Here’s a stylish fender that will fit older 125s, 185s and 200s with twin shocks. I’ve styled it to look like later model single shock XR200s but should fit models with a rear frame loop. Here are photos of a period correct Honda red fender. I make them in white too.

honda xr xl fender red 1 honda xr xl fender red 4
 honda xr xl fender red 3 honda xr xl fender red 6

My glass guy commented on the quality of these fiberglass fenders. He has been around glass parts for years so that is a significant comment. Fenders are made to order.

xr xl rear fender 1 xr 185 1 xr xl rear fender 4

White $89.00
Black $89.00
Red (Honda Fighting Red) $110.00
[Order a backup fender for 25% off when you buy the first one]

Twin shock Honda XL/XR chain covers, 1979 to 1983

xl xr chain cover silver 2Honda twin shock chain covers have been unobtainable for some years. If you are without a chain cover, mine may be your solution.

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Right Side Frame Cover

xr xl frame cover 1All the old right side covers melted from the exhaust. In time, I will be making them from fiberglass. I’ve started the pattern but other projects drag me away so it will be a while. I will cover the inside with a heat shield. I will be making left side covers, too.

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