xr 185 1For XR/XL185, XR/XL125 & XR/XL200

These old twin shock bikes are still ideal for tight woods riding. They are light, have a high ground clearance, low seat height and a short wheel base. Expert to rookie, this bike will get through the trees faster than most other bikes new or old-mainly because it’s small. I say faster because more horsepower than a 200 in the really tight stuff is wasted, the bikes weigh more and tire you out more quickly

I have discovered some parts are unobtainable; right side cover, chain guard plus a good looking rear fender because stock ones look awful, especially the XL models. To help other riders who use this bike (instead of rebuilding them as garage queens), I am working on making reasonably priced parts.

Chain Cover

xr xl chain cover 1I am looking to having these covers made by 3D printing.

Right Side Frame Cover

xr xl frame cover 1All the old right side covers melted from the exhaust. Someone in Greece is offering them for $299 new. Whew! I am going to make them from fiberglass which won’t melt, plus I’m going to coat them with asbestos. Here you see the cover in process (in Bondo).

Rear Fender

Here’s a stylish fender that will fit older 125s, 185s and 200s models with twin shocks. I’ve styled it to look like later model single shock XRs.

xr xl rear fender 1 xr xl rear fender 2 xr xl rear fender 3 xr xl rear fender 4

Here are photos of a white fender going on my bike. Ultimately, I will be making them in Honda Tahitian Red (the color they used in the late 70s.) I will also be using Vinylester resin which is the most flexible fiberglass

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