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Morris Wheels for 1974-2003 Sportsters w/ 3/4" Axles

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seven spoke sportster wheel dual disc 1Brand new seven spoke Morris wheels add a cleaner visual look for 1974-2003 Sportsters. Open-look Morris wheels can be stunning on trackers, hooligan bikes, old style café bikes, TT style and brat bikes. This is a bolt on package. The front wheel includes a brake mount spider but no discs--it is an option. The rear wheel accepts your spacers and rotor and will work with chain or belt. The turnkey package includes two new 19” Morris wheels and a rear-wheel conversion kit. USA made Morris wheels are cast aluminum and both measure 2.15 x 19”. Maximum front tire size is 130/90 (5”) and rear is 140/90 (5.50”). Shinko, Avon and Duro have 19” rear tires (see below). The conversion kit works on Sportsters with ¾” axles. It does not fit 1” axle models.

The front Morris wheel comes with a spider mount for a single rotor but requires a cloverleaf disc (see below). There is no economical way to mount a Morris front wheel with a dual disc set up on Evo forks. Early forks before 1988 were 35mm. Evo forks after 1988 are 19mm and don’t have mounts for a dual disc Morris setup.

kenny 7 spoke morris wheels 1

Seven spoke Morris wheels were used by famous racers back in the day like this guy, Kenny whatzhisname.
Photo credit: Wayne Davis, famous recreational products photographer

Rear wheel with conversion kit parts

Optional dual disc kit with two mount spiders
Rotors are optional

New Cloverleaf Front Brake Rotor

cloverleaf rotor 1Modern rotors with 2” center holes will not fit on old Morris front wheels. Front Morris wheels requires a 11.5” Clover leaf rotor with a 1.9” center hole so the rotor centers on the hub. This Rotor fits XL Sportsters and Super Glide FX models from 1974-on.

New Front Brake Pads

Made for 1974+ Harley brakes on Kayaba forks

front brake pads 1Replaces part number 44287-74. Made for Harley by the Superior Company in Canada. Fits clover leaf rotors. Highly organic material. Rivets included.

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Updated 6/7/21

Two 19’ Morris 7 spoke wheels & rear conversion kit
Includes bearings & appropriate crush spacers - drill & tap ten holes to 7/16"
Rear wheel conversion kit only
Includes bearings & appropriate crush spacers
Front wheel with no disc spiders or bearings $155.00
Front wheel with one disc spider
Includes appropriate crush spacers
Front wheel with dual disc spiders
Includes appropriate crush spacers
Front wheel clover leaf brake rotor, new $39.00
Front wheel brake pads, 2 for one side $13.00
Dual disc kit for 19" wheel with one spider
Includes appropriate crush spacers
Dual disc kit for 19" wheel with no spiders
Includes appropriate crush spacers

19” rear tires choices

19 inch dirt track hooligan rear tire 119” rear tire types compliment various bike styles. Don’t let “experts” say you can’t install big tires on narrow rims. We’ve been doing it for 10+ years.

19” Dirt track/Hooligan Rear Tires

Selecting 19” dirt track rear tires is simple. There are many brands. Shinko Dirt Track tires are very popular. You can buy soft compounds for racing and longer lasting hard compounds for street.

19” Café Rear Tires

19 inch cafe rear tire 1Avon AM26 100/90-19 rear. These Avons would be perfect for café bikes with the road race styling

19 inch cafe rear tire 2Duro 100/90-19 is a café style rear tire which can be used on the front or the rear. They are priced attractively.

19” Scramble/Brat Rear Tires

19 inch scrambler brat rear tire 1Another 19” street rear tire is Avon AM7 400-19 TTs. These have a vintage flat track styling. They can be used on brats, customs or TT style bikes.