New single shock Honda XL/XR chain covers from 1979-

Honda XR/XL125 chain cover 11341-437-010
Honda XR/XL185 chain cover 11361-437-010

xl xr chain cover black xl xr chain cover silver
Shown here in black urethane and painted silver

Honda twin shock chain covers have been unobtainable for some years. If you are without a chain cover, mine may be your solution. To the best of xl xr chain cover sketchmy knowledge, this chain cover will fit:

  • XR/XL 125s from 1979 to 1985
  • XR/XL 185s from 1979 to 1981

May also fit:

  • 125 Trials
  • XL175
  • Early XR/XL 200s
  • ATVs of the period

You will instantly know if it will fit your vehicle by the bump on the upper left.

My covers are made from performance 80D urethane which is a high performance material with excellent tensile and flexural strength, toughness, abrasion resistance, and good fatigue resistance. It is also solvent resistant, and maintains resistance to UV exposure. Tensile strength of 80D is 11,850 psi and has a heat deflection 200o F above 32o F. 80D urethane is hard and is used in safety helmets.

My covers are made in black but I paint them silver to match most of the XLs & XRs.