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  • Interesting street bike
  • Far out small neighborhood street bike
  • Vintage Speedway display bike

Let’s have some fun here. I’m offering vintage speedway body pieces for you to use on an ice bike, an interesting street bike or some far out small neighborhood street "thing". Some of you guys are building vintage speedway bikes for display and shows--these body parts would be perfect for you.

Parts are the styled from the 70s and 80s. At the time speedway parts were fiberglass. Now all the racers are using rounded plastic pieces for obvious reasons. So the old style is out of favor but I really like the squared-off design--maybe you do too. The number panel thing I sculpted myself. The center panel is depressed and the edges are rounded rearward.

I make these parts in white because I know you will paint them. That allows me to keep the prices as low as possible. Prices are low enough that if you smash one up... no big deal.

Speedway front fender $39.00
Speedway rear fender $59.00
Speedway number panel $49.00