xrtt sketch 1I’m thinking out loud here and I want you to chip in with your ideas because this café concept is in the roughest of stages. It will change I assure you and I want you along as a design board.

I’m sending this sketch to a large group of Sportster street tracker people, most who probably don’t give a rip about a café bike. If you’d like to follow this project write back so I can put you on a separate list and we don’t have to bother those other guys. Write phil@phillittleracing.com and say ‘put me on TT list.’

I’m calling this an XRTT. The name is a carryover from the KRTT but the styling will relate more to the XR than the KR design which doesn’t thrill my senses. I did a web search for “Sportster Café” and nothing worked for me. Airtech has two cafe tanks for Harley. One is the KRTT and the other is blah. And nobody has a tail worthy of note. Because the Sportster frame and oil tank are of an older design I think it best to keep styling old school.

The products I see making would be as follows. And always I’ll make efforts to keep costs to a minimum but styling foremost. The tank would be a humped SXR tank with knee pockets and a widened forward section. The tail would be shaped like my XRX tail in that it would follow the contours of the oil tank and my battery cover and would blend into the tank. And it would cover the seat rails just behind the tank.


  • Tank, larger with extended range
  • Tail with taillight and maybe signals
  • GSXR style front fender
  • Fairing
  • 2 into 1 pipe
  • Bars and other stuff

Let’s see where this goes--toss in your ideas and challenge me


Phil Little