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Hooligan bikes are hot.

Hooligans are the hot new thing for dirt track racing and street. For whatever reason most Hooligan bikes use stock 3+ gallon tanks. I have adapted my stuff to the stock tanks. If you want to use an XR styled tank and tail, flip over to my SXR products. Hooligans can be used on the street and track without much in the way of changes. You may want to pull your license plate and avoid using your signals. (I love the idea of a brake light and left turn blinkers spooking the racers behind you.)

Sportster dirt track racing

I have restructured these pages with an emphasis on racing. Street riders can also benefit from this information.

Advice for Hooligan racers

California Hooligan racer Tony Alves (third in points as of 5/29/19) has words on what works best on the track. Don’t mod the engine with a hot cam-leave it essentially stock. An engine with a big hit is very hard to negotiate in the corners smoothly (the light switch thing!). Don’t use a 2004 and on Sportster. Those rubber frames bikes are 40 pounds heavier and the ergos are not as good as the earlier frames. And there is no way to fit my steering kit in rubber frames. That means rubber frames will push in the corners and inhibit quick cornering. Those with Quik steering kits will pass you on the inside coming out a corners.

If you are building a Sportster for short track racing on less than a third mile tracks here are some suggestions.

Small trick.
If you are a slider, cut the right edge off the steering stop so you can turn further to the right. Keep your bars at least a ¼” away from the tank. If your ability to counter steer to the right is hampered you could risk a ‘high side’ and that you do not want!

Do not modify your engine.
Sportsters are a handful on short tracks. You want controllable, tractable power to negotiate short tracks with short corners not some berserko rocketship that can get you in all sorts of trouble. S&S will not be happy I’m telling you this.

Don’t buy a SuperTrapp 2-into-2 system.
They much too expensive to trash in racing. (And I sell ‘em.) Try my less expensive 2-into-1 system for power/torque gain at under 600 bucks.

Learn how to slide.
This will be a huge advantage against most other Hooligan racers who have no clue about sliding. Sliding allows you to back into corners and steer with the rear wheel. Watch others do this and copy them.

Concentrate your spending on these items.

  1. 19” rear wheel conversion kit and 19” tires for traction and steering control.
  2. Greatly improve corner handling with my 27° steering kit which steepens the front end.
  3. Get taller 14 1/4” race style shocks-you will not believe the ride difference.
  4. Order Davey Durelle’s fork handling kit
  5. Order my flat track bars for more leverage. [That’s all you have to do to make a race Hooligan.] Oh and get number plates!

XRX Hooligan prices - 11/2/21

Left battery cover, rounded style, black $125.00
(3) AMA Class C 10x12 number plates $23.00
Fork guards, mounts to brace, white, orange or black $139.00
Hidden headlight kit for AMA plage $89.00
Steering, Control & Handling
QuikTurn 27°© - steeper forks for racing $545.00
Street fork brace to mount fork guards and fender $255.00
Race fork brace to get more travel $275.00
1" Dirt track bars w/ dimples $89.00
Hammer head grips, black $19.00
14-1/4” Progressive shocks w/ 75/125 springs, black $312.00
Stainless Exhaust Systems
Cone 2-into-1 for 1985-2003 Sportsters $770.00
Cone 2-into-1 for 200402013 w/ O2 sensor bung $825.00
Super Trapp 1986-2003 Sportsters $1055.00
Super Trapp 2-into-2 2004-2010 w/ O2 sensor bung $1075.00
19" Rear Wheel Conversion Kits (front wheel to rear)
Kit A for 9 spoke wheels $325.00
Kits B, C, & D for 13 spoke wheels $345.00
Kit E for 13 spoke wheels $345.00
Machine 13 spoke wheels for 7/16” screws (kits C, D, E) $85.00 + shipping
Machine 13 spoke wheels for 7/16" screws and bore center (kit B) $122.00 + shipping
Tank sides (L&R) XR750, XR1000, XR883 or XR1200 $89.00
XRX Hooligan tank top panel w/ HD #1 $39.00
XRX Tail deck panel, black w/ white trim edge $29.00
Tail sides (L&R) XR750, XR1000, XR883 or XR1200 $29.00
Fork guards (2) XR750, XR1000, XR883 or XR1200 $29.00
USA American flag tanks sides (L&R) $89.00
SA American flag tail deck $29.00
Harley #1, red/white/blue $29.00

How the XRX graphics will look on your bike

I just built a little XR mini. I used the XRX tank top and tail top graphics on it. I really think this can add a lot to your XRX project. Compare these new graphics to the Dirt Track mini in “Toys". The old tank and tail look plain. With the addition of XRX graphics the bike looks more dramatic.

XRX graphics mini 1 XRX graphics mini 2

Tank sides $89
Tank top $39
Tail deck $29
Tail graphics $29
Fork guard $29
XRX kit $215
XRX Flag
Tank sides $89
Tank top $29
Tail deck  $29
XRX USA  $147

Hooligan Street and Race Products

Fork brace

Fork brace
CNC machined in a skeletal style. It strengthens the front end and acts as a mount for front fender and fork guards. It’s aircraft alloy aluminum. Mounts without removing the wheel.

Sportster Side Battery Cover

Sportster Side Battery Cover
This is my Gen II battery side cover with rounded contours to compliment the shape of the oil tank on the right side. This is a fiberglass piece made in black gelcoat. The surface from the mold is microscopically rough so I sand it with 2000 wet/dry and polish with 3M’s Finessette II so it looks like a factory part.

19" Rear Wheel Replacement Kits

19" Rear Wheel Replacement Kits
Street trackers and for sure Hooligan racers need a 19" rear wheel so dirt track tires can be used-(dirt track tires are only made in 19”.) The cheapest source of a 19" wheel is buying another front. Yes, gigantic tires can be mounted on narrow 2.15” wheels. I now have conversion kits for all the H-D, AMS and Morris 19” front wheels from 1973 to late model 13 spoke wheels with ¾” and 1”’ axles.

Dirt Track Styled Bars

Dirt Track Styled Bars
Dirt track styled bars are wider for leverage and position the arms more comfortably. Stock bars is really not such a good idea for racing. This 1” bar has a 4" rise, a 10" pullback and 34" width. They are dimpled to allow cables to pass under switch components. Price is reasonable too.

SuperTrapp Exhaust

SuperTrapp Exhaust
Stainless steel exhausts look right on a street tracker. Performance gains and weight savings.

Hooligan 2-into-1 Exhaust

Hooligan 2-into-1 Exhaust
Hooligan 2-into-1 pipe system fits 1985-2013 Sportsters (please specify when you order. This is a race styled exhaust for the track and rural street, too BUT may I suggest you not use them in cities for the good of motorcycling. This pipe will be fine for short Hooligan tracks of 1/8 to ¼ mile. They will perform even better on long ½ mile and mile tracks. Lightweight, it tucks in low alongside the frame to avoid damage in right hand corners or a high side. The 2 ¼” x 12” megaphone has a deep throaty sound and excessive noise is trapped by a perforated core surrounded by permanent steel wool packing--no repacking needed. It's brushed stainless steel. You don’t have to paint it and it is non-rusting.

SXR 15” Shocks

SXR 15” Shocks
These are high quality American shocks that were designed specifically for AMA Sportster dirt track racing some years back. They are more robust than street shocks. Construction is double wall. The big beefy shaft is precision ground and hard chromed. Shocks use a fluid cell to produce fade free damping. Pre-load adjustments have five positions for your weight. And most importantly they are 15” tall.

SXR 14-1/4” Shocks

SXR 14-1/4” Shocks
These are high quality American shocks that are perfect for street and short track racing Sportsters. They are more robust than street shocks. The double wall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, multi-staged velocity sensitive valving gives you smooth, consistent damping. A five-position cam style preload adjuster lets you dial in your ride whether you're a light rider or heavier.

Hooligan Graphics Kits

Hooligan Graphics Kits
Tank and tail graphics for XR (750, 883, 1000, 1200)

Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27° Steering Kit

Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27° Steering Kit
The secret for Sportster Hooligan racers Design © 2019 Phil Little, All rights reserved Starting at $545 Do not buy this kit unless your steering head has these dimensions: Steering head OD 2.90” (2 ¼") ID of bearing race 1.932 (2” +/-) ID of internal head 1.785” Head length 7 1/8” See the installation guide . Some late-model pre-rubber frames had narrower heads. Kit does not fit rubber frames. Simply put my steering head insert kit moves the front wheel and fork rearward 3 degrees for faster, easier, more controlled cornering The Sportster Racing QuikTurn 27° © is a product for those who race Sportsters on dirt tracks. It does not benefit road riders other than aesthetics.

Fork Guards & Fender

Fork Guards & Fender
Rightly or wrongly I designed the fender and fork guards to mount on my fork brace. The idea was style and I forgot all about cost. The price of the fender and guards is cheap enough but the brace cost kinda blew the deal. Some guys have order all the parts and have been fine. Others found a way to mount the guards without the brace. The fender? That is locked into and formed around the brace. If you wanted the brace anyway (for racing or street) then the guards are no problem.

Hooligan Mud Guard

Hooligan Mud Guard
The stock rear fender protects the rear cylinder from wheel thrown debris, moisture, tar, etc. The OEM circuit breakers are also mounted to the stock fender. In most cases the rear fender get deep sixed. My mud guard fills both roles-debris protection and circuit breaker mounting.

SXR Front Fender

SXR Front Fender
I created this front fender for guys who wanted a little spray protection on those days when you left under the sun but it started to rain when you were too far out to rush home. It is abbreviated so as not to be too massive. SXR front fender mounts to fork brace To simplify mounting I installed thread-zerts that allow you to bolt it to the underside of the fork brace. Screws are included. When you know the weather is going to be nice you can unattach it to be flat track cool. On iffy days re-mount it.

Hidden Headlight Kit for AMA Number Plate

Hidden Headlight Kit for AMA Number Plate
NEW in 11/2/21 This kit allows you to mount an AMA number plate where your headlight was mounted. This will give your street bike more of a flat track look and if you ride a Hooligan racer on the street, you can be legal. This kit hangs an ultra-high power 55 watt halogen driving light from your lower fork tree.