Sportster dropped right foot peg kit for 1980 to 2003. It works with Cone Engineering and Supertrapp exhausts but not stock pipes.

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Mounts to stock sprocket cover and uses stock brake and peg

The first secret to Sportster dirt track handling is my steeper steering kit. The second secret is a longer-than-stock shocks - 14½" with my steering kit or 15” without my kit. The third secret is my dropped right peg kit. It is the only one like it in the history of world. Hooligan Sportsters are notorious for poor cornering. Instead of turning, the frontend pushes and you drift wide in the corners. Competitors on better handling Sportsters will dive under you and exit the corner in front. This is noticeable, particularly on short tracks.

hooligan dropped peg diagram 1

Let’s talk about why this kit works.

Stock Sportster pegs are quite high. They are zero help in cornering. My right side drop kit transfers your body weight from the seat to the right peg in corners. This lowers the center of gravity of your body and your bike. You will more stable over bumps, contact with other riders and oscillation of the bike as it skips around in cornering.

Most other Hooligan owners will not be using this product therefor you’ll have an advantage. Don’t bother to futz with your left peg. It is only a footrest on the straights so leave it alone. This kit is rugged-the aluminum drop plate is ½” thick. The kit lowers your right leg by 3 ¾” and move is back by 3 ¼”.

At first, you will be hesitant about shifting your weight but as you get used to it you’ll automatically shift more of your weight on the right peg and get better results. After getting used to the change you will go, “Dude, why wasn’t this created years ago.”

No drilling or modification are needed. It’s really bolt-on. I’ll ship it assembled so there will be no guessing. My bike needed a longer brake line, yours will probably need to do the same. Order from an aftermarket supplier or use Spiegler brake lines. 1699 Thomas Paine Parkway. Dayton, OH 45459. 937-291-1735.

I am offering these on an order basis only. You know what to do if you want one.