In July 2017 I found a new graphics supplier with better quality, faster speed (max 2 days) and cheaper prices so I dropped the old supplier and all the prices. Relish! The tank stickers have a white outline which separates them from an orange body. Tail and fork guards use a black outline. There is a gold outline around the USA stickers.

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XR (750, 883, 1000, 1200)

xr750 graphics xr883 graphics xr1000 graphics xr1200 graphics

xr 883 graphics installed 1


New Wilesmith XR stickers for SXR tanks

wilesmith sxr graphic 1

Suggested by Wayne Wilesmith from Sydney, AU on 4/2/2018. I named this style after him, which is my practice with customer ideas.


xr usa tank 1 th xr usa one 1 th xr usa tail 1 th