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2019 yamaha cafe 1aNormally when I create a new motorcycle body conversion kit, I do concept drawings to get everybody excited. This time as I finish a component, I’ll show you photos of it. Most of you know about my designs, the quality and fair pricing formerly as Omar’s Dirt Track Racing and now as Phil Little Racing. Okay, let’s begin...

New Yamaha 650 Café kit progress Report 2, May 21, 2019

On February 15th I sent you the start of the kit parts which was the front fender. It looked like this:

yamaha cafe 2a

I have coated it with gelcoat and sanded it smooth to 2000 grit. It is now in the waxing stage and soon will go to the mold maker.

yamaha cafe 2b yamaha cafe 2c yamaha cafe 2d

Next up is the quarter fairing. I have discovered a way to keep the cost down. I am building the fairing body around a commonly available windshield, which is pretty darn cheap. That will reduce the overall cost and the results will be better than those Chinese ABS fairing that sell for $75 bucks. Mine will be more but have more traditional styling.

New Yamaha 650 Café kit progress Report 1, Feb 15, 2019

This ugly thing is the pre-mold pattern for a new Yamaha 650 café front fender. I wanted to let 650 owners who are doing a 650 café project evaluate it while it’s still in a changeable state. This the first part of a new 650 café kit I will bring to market soonish. Other parts will be tank/tail/seat and fairing. My goal is to make the best looking café* parts at the lowest prices. Tell me what you think. Do you like/not like the shapes? How would you make changes?

*Café as in the old world style to mimic the English cafes of the 70s

If you’d like to get on my product development list write me back at

2019 yamaha cafe 1b 2019 yamaha cafe 1c

cinderella lump fender 1This is my 650 Cinderella Lump fender on which the 650 café fender is based so you can see how it will look on your bike.