I’m glad you made a decision to buy my fender for your café project. I’m horribly biased but I think it is the most ‘café’ looking fender available anywhere.

Step one

Before you do anything pull your stock front fender and check the fit of this new one. It uses the stock 8mm bolts. If my holes are off, grab a 11/32” drill and widen them a hair. If that doesn’t work use the drill as a reamer and work the offending edge of the offending holes. If you are using a fork brace you might have to grind down the fender surface for clearance. Feather your work areas so it is not noticeable after you paint. Now notice if the fender scrap the forks as you installed it in place. After your paint is hard and dry, layer these areas with blue painters tape so you don’t mess up your paint.


yamaha 650 cafe fender close 1

If you want to grind a more pronounced arch on front edges now it the time to do that.

Effects of a three part mold

There are always alignment issues in parts that come out of multi-part molds. I have one most of the leveling work. If contours are off, use spot putty and work the surface so it’s perfect. This will also fill in micro pits. We don’t want any surprises after you paint.

After paint installation

You are now going put the fender on the bike. Now’s when you protect the paint with blue painter tape.

A bit more grinding

There is a metal cable keeper on the right side. You’ll need to grind away some of the strengthening web for clearance because my fender is thicker than stock.

yamaha 650 cafe fender cable keeper 1

That’s it. Thanks Phil Little. 952-606-6063 7 days a week