dalessandro rd 1Rod is my first RD 125/200 café customer to provide a photo of a completed bike. As he was waiting for his parts to be made and shipped he would update me on all sorts of bits he was working on. He did a lot of research on parts sources and tech stuff. He’s become quite knowledgeable and I’m sure a willing source for you too if you are building up one of these tiddlers.

Even though as a Canadian he had to pay extra for duty/taxes he said,

[Your] tail and fairing are worth every single penny. It makes the bike go from plain to awesome in minutes. The glass was perfect quality and that seat would make the folks at Corbin shake in their boots. It exceeded my expectations for sure. Online photos don't do the parts justice.

I love my seat. Phil, you can bet you’re going to be getting more parts sent to Canada in my area once people get a look at my bike.”

(Photo does not show fairing.)

As an editor’s note, please spot how the tail snuggles up to the stock tank and the size of the tail hump balances with the tank mass. I just noticed Rod’s use of the stock taillight. I made the tail so you as an owner didn’t have to chop off the seat rails.

Thanks, Rod.

Rod d’Alessandro
Grimsby, ONT

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