Fits 1991-92 YZ 125/250s and maybe up to 2000

YZseat1 thI was a race promoter in the early 90s and attempted to get Super Cross racing going at a southern Minnesota track but failed. Among the local racers who attended was super star Donny Schmit. He won two Grand Prix World MX Championships in 1990 and 1992 (that’s World, not National.) He was a very nice guy and I was happy to meet him. I always admired his Chesterfield YZ. In 2017 I decided to build a replica of his bike.

Donny on the left

I couldn’t find seats anywhere. Graphics were available in Europe so that part was easy. I decided to make and offer my own Donny Schmit Chesterfield-like seat covers. They aren’t true replicas. I didn’t use the Tecnosel logo to avoid invading their turf. This cover fits 1991-92 YZ 125 and 250s. It may fit your YZ from 1994-2000 if it measures close to 27” long x 10 ¼” wide and 6” tall.

The first thing I did was to find the best vinyl. I used what we in the north call “cold crack.” It is thick, flexible and was developed for snowmobiles so it won’t crack when it gets cold. I found the whitest white offered, and it’s bright. Most were off white. This and the bright red are the best quality vinyl offered.

YZseat4 th YZseat5 th YZseat3 th
Top, underside and installed

Next I found a t-shirt guy for the lettering. He selected a new tech die-cut style lettering which adheres with ultra violet light. The result is opaque free-standing lettering that’s extremely tough. It won’t flake off like screen printing and doesn’t show a pink bleed-through. Lastly I went to my upholsterer, who for 15 years has always produced flawless motorcycle and snowmobile covers for me. This seat cover is the result.

YZseat membraneMake sure your upholsterer uses a thin plastic membrane (photo) under the cover and over the seat foam-that will keep moisture away from the foam if/when you get rained on or dump the bike in a stream. Before you use the seat spray ir with Armor All or other protectant to seal the micro pores. The cover will clean up with soap and water. I’d do that after each ride so old dirt isn’t forced into the pores from previous rides.

Seat covers aren’t cheap when quantities are low. Materials are of the highest quality and sewing coolies from Thailand are not used. These covers are totally USA made. MX covers run from $33.38 to $115.44 on eBay. Few were two-tone and none of them were aesthetically pleasing. Yes. my price is higher at $165. I have two in stock and can have more made with a phone call.

chesterfield yzI stole this YZ Chesterfield photo from the web only to show you what the Chesterfield bike looks like. I am not trying to represent the bike in the photo. My product has nothing to do with the photo.