The first week end of every October certain motivated individuals from planet Earth gather in a small place near the town of Deweese, Nebraska to do battle. Battle on vintage mini bikes. This race event, started in 1999, is the product of promoter Fred Cuba's fertile mind.


mininat_47Fred runs a successful custom bike building business in Hastings. He constructed a small 1/8 mile TT track with one modest jump, grand stands, an announcer stand (with a superb announcer) and a team of volunteer staffers to create a spectacular one day Mini National race mininat_68event. The race is captured annually on video tape and is traditionally covered in Cycle News magazine.

Competitors attend from as far away California, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado. I started attending in 2007 and was badly thumped and went away with a third and a fourth. I spent a whole year scheming how I would do better but came away with a third and a fifth.

mininat_18 mininat_20

There are some very excellent riders who attend Fred's affair. And at 66 I'm not as good as those young bucks. But damn-there's next year!

mininat_57 mininat_65