track mini 1 thThe Dice Brothers, an AMA district 23 flat track promoter, in St. Charles Minnesota (20 miles south of Rochester) has made a Flat-head, Pull-start Mini Bike class available in the their three 2019 flat track races. All the normal AMA D-23 classes will run too including Hooligan. Their first race in August 2018 drew over 100 entries so they are on the way. The lighted track is a wonderfully wide and a banked 1/3 mile oval in front of great grand stands. I have pronounced it the best flat track in the state of Minnesota. It’ll be great place to race so gear up.

I have made it my duty to build this vintage mini class for the Dice brothers. So you dirt trackers with an old mini laying back in the shop have a whole year to get it ready. Before you shoe the spiders away I want you to write me at and tell me to put you on the potential class list.