Dave Rand from Capitol Motosports in Winnipeg bought a couple of ice fenders from me several years ago. Just recently (Jan 2016) he called and ordered four more for his ice riding friends. Dave really likes these fenders. He says they are super rugged and last well in combat.

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championship ice fender 3rd gen 2 thDave likes the captured pocket safety feature of the front fender even on upside down forks. Other upside down guys have been buying rear fenders for the front. Normally I don’t recommend straps for mounting but I see Dave has used heavy guage aluminum. Using thinner straps does not prevent lateral fender movement and the screws can buzz the crap out of fender edges if the fender is allowed to wiggle. I’m thinkin’ that box or tube is stronger.

Here’s the rear on Dave’s bike. This fender has multiple years on it but shows very little wear. Certainly a following rider has imparted a message on Dave’s fender but that is entirely repairable when it gets really bad.