Korolewich ice bike 1 thThis is Colten Korolewich from Beauséjour, Manitoba. He drives anything with wheels, tracks and a hull bottom. He is a pretty spectacular at doing those nasty high stunt jumps while hanging in the air as he twists his bike around and upside down in miraculous ways. He can be found at super nasty mud races on an ATV with ultra-aggressive tires that does fling mud.

His Facebook shows him having fun in those freaky river rod boats that turn on a dime and run over ground. Come winter he races the ice. Here are a couple of shots of his bike with my ice fenders. To my knowledge he is the only one to do a superlative graphics job on the fenders which relate to the whole bike.

Korolewich ice bike 2 Korolewich ice bike 3 Korolewich ice bike 4 th Korolewich ice bike 5 th Korolewich ice bike 6 Korolewich ice bike 7 Korolewich ice bike 8

Nice job Colten--keep knockin’ ‘em dead!