Gathering storm

Mini Nats 2008 018 thPull start flat track, mini bike racing is becoming more popular. Milwaukee’s Flatout Friday indoor race routinely fields 30 or so minis. Freddy Cuba has been putting on the Mini Bike Nationals in Hastings Nebraska for years. This year for the first time, a mini bike class is included in the Dice Brothers AMA flat racing schedule in St. Charles, Minnesota with three races. 

Build it and they will come

Mini Nats 2008 015 thThe growth of old time, mini bike racing is dependent on an increasing number of dirt tracks who carve out a class for minis. By presenting vintage style minis promoters could have a new crowd-pleasing event because most of the males in the stands had minis when they were kids. Those, now, dads may get the bug to go racing and his sons may want to do the same. Mini bikes are cheap and the danger level is low because they are relatively slow...and low to the ground. Race promoters already have a zillion classes and hate the idea of adding more. Their race days are long enough. If we can offer race turnouts of 10 to 15 mini riders, promoters will get interested real fast. I know because I was one for eight years. Money talks.

Spread the word

Mini Nats 2008 021 thThis newsletter is an effort to build an email list of all the mini racers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. When we can field a large number of mini racers, tracks will be reluctant to turn away a paying new class. Additionally mini racers may know of tracks who might be willing to include little bikes. Do you know track owners, private or public, who could be possible mini race places? Maybe it’s a fair ground who’d like to mix minis in with tractor pulls or a kart track. Whatever give me some names and phone numbers and I’ll ask them if they want a new giggles class. Alert me quickly at or call me cell 952-607-6063. This newsletter is strictly an information source--no membership and no costs.

Simple Rules

  • Pull start only
  • Maximum 12” rims
  • No suspension
  • Helmets, gloves, boots and armor
  • No Pros allowed

2019 Mini bike race schedule (as of Feb 2019)

minbike 100 thWinona County Fairgrounds,
1/3 mile flat track
St. Charles Minnesota
Promoted by Dice Brothers Racing,
Rick Vincent 507-545-2346
This is a District 23 AMA race too

  • June 1st & 2nd - Saturday practice/Sunday race
  • July 11th -Thursday night race
  • August 24th - Saturday race