on any fine sunday 1
Lake minnetonka, clear ice after 40 years

Once every 40 years the ice on Lake Minnetonka becomes perfect. Smooth, clear ice as far as the eye can see. Prior to Sunday January 13, 2019 Ric Jostrom, (Mountain Devil) my mechanical engineer, motorcyclist and vintage snowmobiler, from Mound sent forth a restricted invitation to all his like-minded friends, that there was to be a Cooks Bay Speedway gathering. And bunches of people presented themselves.

It was a riding day, not a race. Rick set up a three-corned track. From noon to early dusk the ice chips flew. When tires started lifting from chips, one could move out past the track and slide on clean ice. Between runs there was much comradery in the pits. Old friends reacquainted themselves. Friend of friends appeared to watch and consume liquid drinks.

on any fine sunday phil 2 th on any fine sunday phil 1 th

The magic of the day is that lake-front neighbors on Enchanted Island* did not call the water patrol about excessive noise, which did exist I admit. The danger is officers inspecting for DNR permits, which almost no one displayed, can command penalties up to $125.00. I know, I’ve been whacked.

on any fine sunday 2
Rick’s house is center behind the flags and his Airstream trailer (warming house)

It was a grand day for me to be riding after an absence of 4 years. Bad ice and the predilection of some of my other riding friends for squiggly tracks kept me away. I’m an oval guy.

Photo by Jeremy D. Dando jdando@avaitionphotodigest.com