I started work on Hooligan street tracker tails for Hooligan racers and street trackers on 2/19/14. That’s been a long time because R&D time is precious when customer fulfilment is on-going. It wasn’t until 9/6/17 that I realized that later Sportys has a different tank with a rounded back end. That was the date I started what has been completed today, the XRX Gen II tail and dedicated parts.

xrx tail molds 1Shown here are the very final molds all waxed and ready to make parts. In the foreground is the tail support piece which doubles as the license plate/taillight mount. To the right is the dedicated seat base. Up top is the two-part tail mold. The shape is so complex that the mold had to be split. See the joint just forward of the middle.

Part A

The Sportster QuikTurn 27° Steering Kit© is now done.

quickturn 27 degree steering kit parts 1All the parts are complete and the first 10 sets have been made and are ready to ship--8 are left, two have just been sold. If you are a Sportster dirt track racer this steeper steering kit is an unfair advantage over stock Sportsters. Their rake is 30°, yours will be 27°. Simply, you’ll be able to get around corners faster. This inside the steering head kit is $545. Let me know if you want one.

Part B

xrx hooligan tail may2018 1Hooligan XRX Gen II tail parts to fit later model rounded back 3 gallon Sportster tanks. [883s from 1991 to 2003 and 1200s from 1999 to 2003]. Parts have been sanded down to 2000 grit and pre-mold waxing has begun. Parts are; tail, seat base and support plate. Don’t know when they will be ready to sell but the time has been

xrx tail may 2018 1Work is happening on the Hooligan XRX Gen II tail parts to fit later model rounded-back Sportster tanks. Here you see the pattern parts prior to making molds. Shown are; tail, seat base and support plate. The shaping process is done. The gray stuff is a super gonzo primer that is sanded from 400 w/d to 2000 w/d. Then it’s polished and waxed, then off to the mold maker it goes. I guess that we are talking about 4 more weeks.

Hooligan XRX Gen II Tail

This is the tail for the rounded back Sportster tanks. The shop move has slowed me on finishing these pre-mold parts. They are my shop floor so I have to look at them constantly to I remind myself to get them done. Now that seat base is roughed out you can see how it and the tail act like hands surrounding the back of the tank. The idea is to get a nice flowing joint between the two parts. I’ll report again when I have something that shows progress

xrx tail for rounded tanks 1 xrx tail for rounded tanks 2

xrx hooligan 27dec2017 1Work on my prototype bike is going very slowly. The bike, for months, has been a mule for the development of my 27° steering kit for dirt track racing. I was able to get the painted wheels on, coated the case covers with float-on carbon fiber and I got white rubber foot pegs. Yes, white because I’m going with an Evel Knevel-like graphics similar to this:

xr usa tank 1 th