xrx tail may 2018 1Work is happening on the Hooligan XRX Gen II tail parts to fit later model rounded-back Sportster tanks. Here you see the pattern parts prior to making molds. Shown are; tail, seat base and support plate. The shaping process is done. The gray stuff is a super gonzo primer that is sanded from 400 w/d to 2000 w/d. Then it’s polished and waxed, then off to the mold maker it goes. I guess that we are talking about 4 more weeks.

Hooligan XRX Gen II Tail

This is the tail for the rounded back Sportster tanks. The shop move has slowed me on finishing these pre-mold parts. They are my shop floor so I have to look at them constantly to I remind myself to get them done. Now that seat base is roughed out you can see how it and the tail act like hands surrounding the back of the tank. The idea is to get a nice flowing joint between the two parts. I’ll report again when I have something that shows progress

xrx tail for rounded tanks 1 xrx tail for rounded tanks 2

xrx hooligan 27dec2017 1Work on my prototype bike is going very slowly. The bike, for months, has been a mule for the development of my 27° steering kit for dirt track racing. I was able to get the painted wheels on, coated the case covers with float-on carbon fiber and I got white rubber foot pegs. Yes, white because I’m going with an Evel Knevel-like graphics similar to this:

xr usa tank 1 th

Sportster QuikTurn 27° Steering Kit ©

xrx steering kit 20 xrx steering kit 21

Because the bearing pockets of the QuickTurn 27° kit sit above and below the steering head (above photos) we had issues with the steering stop. We’ve developed a small weld-on piece that does the job. We tried but couldn’t make a bolt-on piece to do the job with sufficient strength. My goal has always been ‘simple’ but not in this case. Flat trackers are used to this kind of fabrication so I’m not introducing the unobtainable.

xrx steering kit 22 xrx steering kit 23 xrx steering kit 24

You start by positioning the piece below the frame steering stop. Clamp it in position when you’ve established equal clearance on both sides of the tank. Then tack weld. Before you finish welding you may want to grind a little more off the right side if you are a slider and need more counter steering space. Remember in a crash that impacts the front end, the forks flex and smash into your tank so don’t make the space too narrow.

xrx steering kit 25Where are we now timing wise? I’ve just received my first batch of installation guides. These are vital to align the kit in the steering head. Improper alignment could cause horrible things to happen to your body and head at speed. I don’t know when kit will be ready to sell but we’re getting’ close.

Sportster 27° steering kit

This is a dated drawing. I will be revising it soon.

It’s time I told you what I don’t know about this steering kit.

The developing engineer has passed his drawings on to my machining company. That company will be slow in manufacturing the parts because they’ve been blasted by the military to make bomb parts (not bad thing). The last two parts are just being finalized. They are 1) an installation guide and 2) a steering stop add-on piece.

John Metz, a dirt track friend and expert, has watched stock Sportsters race and reports the front end shows a wallowing handling characteristic. Vance Deemer (Gilroy CA) says stock forks handle in a very uncertain and untrustworthy way. Comments like these tell me my kit will work wonders but the stock 

xrx steering kit 10

forks are an addition problem area. In short-stock Sportster forks internals are poor for racing. I have contacted Davey Durelle (AMA Grand National number) who is a dirt track suspension specialist. I’m sending him my forks so he can revise the valving for racing and lengthening the travel because my kit (by the way it’s made) has reduced the travel somewhat.

My goal is to include fork improvements along with my steering kit. For these reasons I can’t give you a price at this point. My goal is to supply you with a front end that works. I believe this kit will be the most important thing you can do to your racing Sportster other than equipping your bike with 19” racing tires.

I hope to be sending you updates very soon because I will be more able to do this and several of you want this kit for upcoming races.