may polaris indy rxl 1 thDarrel May lives in Blue Mountains, ONT. Darrel finished his RXL and took it for a couple of shakedown rides and found mechanical issues that he solved. From this point I’m going to let Darrel talk.

This sled is so fun to ride! I got 9 thumbs up today in just 60 miles. Understand I have a new 800 assault 144 and a XRS Doo 800 137" and never got a thumbs up on either sled. You have something here! Sunday, as I crossed a road, two sledders waited for me and from their truck they said "man that is too nice to trail ride"... they thought it was a real 78!

More recently two Doo guys on new 850s stopped on a fork in the trail said "Shit bud that’s a very nice sled." Same comments at the gas stop later, and way too many at the local sled dinner! Just thought I would share that with you. I’ll probably build another one in the spring.

Is that cool or what? That’s why we build these things. I like Darrel’s white skis. (Darrel pop your hood and carve a bit more off those grindable tabs and re-adjust your Dzus tower so the graphics line up perfectly.)

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