Huls 1978 Polaris RXL conversion 3 thBruce Huls from up there in Canada (don't-ya-know) finished his RXL/Indy and said this...

I took my RXL out for a spin the other day and it was so fun, the looks I got were unbelievable! I would like to build another using a 1994 XCR special with triple pipes. I am hoping our dollar rebounds before this summer when I want to do this.

Bruce's story is common when people on the trail see these sleds--they just can't believe someone is riding the bumps with a $20,000 RXL. When discover it's an Indy they slap their foreheads and do a "Wow!"

Huls 1978 Polaris RXL conversion 1 th Huls 1978 Polaris RXL conversion 2 th