clark rxl 1By that, I mean innovative, not necessarily in front of the pack—although he is a racer. I’ll let him tell his story.

I finally built a sled with the hood I bought from you 4 years ago. It’s an Indy 400 with some late model tweaks. Pro X steering shaft and hoop, on a 2016 tank with a seat I built myself. Sled was built to run in Junker Sled Weekend Race up in Three Lakes Wisconsin. It was most definitely a fan favorite! It was fast too! I lead my heat for 2 1/2 laps before I crashed. Lots of pictures of the sled on Junker FB page. Anyway, just thought you’d like to see some pics of your hood racing for glory. Thanks for a good product!

clark rxl 3 clark rxl 2

I was impressed by Jim’s implementation of the rider-forward ergos. I think the seat and elevated steering are perfectly applied to a vintage racer with lower to the ground suspension. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t work as well in the new sleds because they can be a bit tippy in cornering. In the "where have I been?" category, Jim was smarter than me because he made his own hinged hood design. I am just now implementing that for all future RXLs. I also like the coloring scheme--it does make the sled stand out. Keep it up, Jimmer!

James Clark is from Kenosha, WI.

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