taylor rxl 1The back story on this sled is it was a 1994 440 fan-cooled Polaris with about three pounds of leaves in the belly pan when I bought it. I cleaned, sanded, and painted the tunnel and skis with etching primer and a top coat of Rustoleum High Performance black spray paint from Home Depot. I cut about 4 inches of stock foam off the back hump on seat and had seat re-covered. I ordered an 18" x 24" of stainless steel mesh (at 6 squares per inch) from Pegasus Racing and installed it at pull-cord/ignition opening, drive belt opening, side panels on belly pan, and in the nose cone of the sled by the front headlight.

My secret dashboard toggle switches are color-coordinated: Jet Fuel Blue, Methane Yellow, Nitrous Green, and “Spank ‘em” Red. There are four switches but only the red switch completes the circuit (don’t tell anybody-I don’t want to lose the sled.) I have never hit all the switches at once so I can't tell you what would happen! The number "29" on the hood represents all the ‘World Championships’ I have won this year with this sled. (Is there a bulge in my cheek, does it show?)

taylor rxl 2 taylor rxl 3

Also, if you'll notice the photo of the nose cone up close you will see in red the word "NO." This answers all the questions I receive when people see this sled for the first time - questions such as: "Can I sit on it?" "Can I ride it" "Will you take my picture with the sled?" "Will my sled be able to beat your sled?" Of course, the answer to all these questions is "NO!" This was a great winter project and it reflects my sense of humor as well as my love of vintage sleds and years upon years of snowmobiling.

John Taylor
Waters, Michigan

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