sasinsaari sxr 4 thThey are some tough cookies up there in Finland. Remember they kicked major Russian ass in the Winter War of 1939/40 and they were grossly mismatched against zillions of Russian soldiers with tanks and artillery. The Finns had almost no heavy weapons and still snuffed them. But we are talking about a different subject.

When Mika first wrote me he sent a photo of the most dilapidated early triple sled you ever saw and said he wanted an RXL clone. So I sent him a kit with which he did absolute wonders. I point out the seat. It was done in Finland by an artist...race style with taillights. Here you see my light in the grill.

When I learn a customer has a painted tunnel I send red & white stickers. Blue & red on aluminum tunnels. I’ll let your eyes wander about Mika’s sled for clues you can use. Mika did comment on the kit with a lengthy statement that read “good parts.” I’ll accept that.

sasinsaari sxr 1 th sasinsaari sxr 2 th sasinsaari sxr 3 th

I know for sure that Mika’s sled is the only like it in the whole country. I kinda wish he hadn’t put an ‘Indy’ sticker on the nose. It’s rather fun to get them thinking for at least a short time it’s an RXL

[Mika, your national anthem is my favorite song. I wish Sibelius had written more verses so I could listen to it longer.]

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