rxl doo 1Marc Krans from Skandia, Michigan, has gone around the bend on us and came out smiling. Between you and me, there just aren’t that many Indy/RXL kits out in the land. I mean any owner of an RXL is not going to meet another on the trail--ever. Sled meets, sure, but that’s different. Either Marc wanted a total departure from the RXL crowd or he wanted a 1977 Blizzard but couldn’t find one at a reasonable price. I suspect the latter.

Notice, please, if you are not a Doo fan that the graphics differ from the Blizzard. The deck design is close, but the side stripes are 1976 TX-like. I think it works. When you look at the overall sled you have to appreciate Marc put a lot of time in it.

Marc I know that sledders on the trail will be scratching their heads and no doubt come up to you with a “...is that a Ski-Doo?” Good job man and thanks for the photo.

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