RXL Gallery Greg Allen 6Greg Allen from Glen, NH, you might say is an ardent Polaris nut who likes the hotter Roseau vintage sleds. But more than that, he is one of those fellows who I would label as a "complete builder." You know one of those types who tears a sled to its essence and rebuilds a jewel. Greg has made an RXL/Indy of note.

The first thing I noticed about his sled is how low he dropped the front suspension. That one thing does more than any other to make his sled look like the RXL. Notice, too, Greg's attempt at a mesh grille. He hasn't figured out how to make one that installs easily. I haven't either. Maybe you can derive an answer. If you do, you can sell them on my site.

RXL Gallery Greg Allen 4

It's really hard to tell from the side shot this not the real thing. Note his high buck suspension and trick skis. Greg, you did a great job--I hope you bring your sled to the 2015 Waconia meet where we are going to have a big deal RXL/Indy display.

Update 2/2/15

RXL gallery greg allen front2RXL gallery Greg Allen 5

Here's what Greg had to say about a recent show:

Got back yesterday from the Lancaster Grand Prix, Killkenny Cup Oval Races and Vintage Show. Largest winter event in the state. I took 3 first place trophies with my RXL! 1st best restored, 1st Peoples Choice, and Best of show. Interview and photo shot with the local paper.

People love this thing. The quality of your workmanship is beyond the best of the best. Thank you Phil!  ~Greg