A couple of days ago I got a black hood set and a blue one. The nose on each suffered some minor cracking because they came out of a reverse draft mold-my fault. Luckily the problem is easily solved and my glass man, Tim, is working on it now.


I dropped the nose and hood on my sled the frantic day before the Waconia meet. I was surprised how well they fit-often horror stories are discovered at this point. I didn't have much time to fiddle with mounting but I do have clues.

  1. You'll have to screw around with the nose mount holes--they are not nuts on with the bulkhead holes. Easily solved with a quarter inch drill.
  2. I noticed with a bit of pressure the left front of the hood seemed to drop below the nose edge. I suspect we'll have to find a way to support that corner in an artificial way. I'm guessing the experience of the first couple of buyers will yield a fix which I'll report to all of you. Surely this will vary from sled to sled depending on how true the bumper extrusions are from stock specs (years of use and impacts with immovable objects).

Two things will happen now. I'll begin making the graphics and orders will be filled. Oh, that blue hood-that is going to Donny Sayen, my Polaris guru and the guy who will finish building my sled. More when I know it. Enjoy photos.


~ Phil

(No, the hood will not be at Waconia--I have no way to protect the loose parts from getting all scratched up.)