Boy this has been a long road but I think I see daylight.

The Duez ¼ turn hood latch kit is done and the first new style hood for Kevin Sondreal is being made. After we pre-fit his hood to proof our work it is into production we will go.

I have contacted the customers who placed early orders to see how many still want to remain on the list. After they have responded, yea or nay, I will take new orders on a first come basis. The following fellows have indicted a burning desire for hood kits so they will get first nod when they confirm; Allen, Swiller and Losvar. (They haven't seen complete pricing yet)

I suspect production rate in the beginning will be something like one per week. That rate may be condensed when every thing starts flowing. Once I pick up a hood kit from the glass maker, I have to take hood to graphics gal to have kit installed (for those of you who are like me and want no part of trying to install those graphics). Others may want graphics separate in the carton for installation later on-no problem. And I have to literally make the carton (ain't no off-the-shelf carton in creation that will take the hood [48 x 41 x 16"]).

To order just mention what you want from the price list and I will follow up with confirmation.

Thanks a ton.
~ Phil