One of you suggested making a mesh grill for the RXL. I saw a license surround on the back of a car today and figured out how to make the RXL grill. Question, should it be black or bright like stainless? Another question-do you even want one? Would you pay between $50 and $100 for one? Votes please.

polaris rxl bar loopsBar loops

Joel at SnoProUSA says he has vintage handlebar loops like the one on my sled. In time you'll be able to find them on my site and order them from Joel.

polaris rxl seatSeats

I talked to Conrad the RXL seat maker. We have come to an unofficial plan. Conrad will continue to make real RXL seats. He will make RXL/Indy seats like mine for the small tanks. (You'll have to mount an auxillary brake light on the bumper because he can't make a mount for the Polaris light for anything close to a reasonable cost.) He is undecided what to do about seats for the big tanks.

To achieve an RXL/Indy seat that looks something like mine with tank blended lines Conrad needs the wood built because he says the base gobbles up as much time as foam shaping and sewing. What I want to do is make a prototype seat base out of plywood and send it to one you guys to make them for us. So who is a wood worker and who would be willing to make bases for hire? My plan is to pay the wood man. Have him ship to Conrad. Then I'd charge customers cost for the bases or have Conrad charge the customer and Conrad would pay me back. However it comes down I want to make it possible for you to get a seat that won't cost a king's ransom. Willing woodworkers--call me at 952-607-6063

We are still prototyping the stirrup.

~ Phil